The sent out 1,500 troops to berlin for reinforcements,but

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The berlin wall was built to keep residents on the east from crossing the border,these residents were awoken by the sounds of shouting,unraveling barbedwirer,huge military vehicles,and a brick wall being built.Our president John F. Kennedy (JFK) sent out a man named Lucius clay, he went to berlin to tell them that america’s got there back and will be helping them get rid of this wall.JFK sent out 1,500 troops to berlin for reinforcements,but took no military action to stop them from building the wall.

If someone crossed the border the night before the wall was being built they would not be able to return back at their homes.President JFK went to berlin and gave his famous speech ”Ich bin ein Berliner”(“I am a Berliner”).but almost 50 years later the eastern european countries pushed for reform.But now since JFK was ever so sadly taken out of office the berlin wall issue was put into Ronald Reagan’s hands. He harked back to Kennedy’s visit and reminded Berliners that the United States had not changed its views on Berlin since the wall was erected in 1961.He said that “us Americans look up to you berliners”.he (very strictly) addressed Mr. Gorbachev to “TEAR DOWN THAT WALL”.

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This berlin wall issue was so intense that if you were caught crossing the border you would receive prison time.Two years later, while East Germany was still under the oppressive regime of Erich Honecker, East Germany had been inspired by some of the revolutions against Communists in other countries. Gorbachev had recommended to Honecker to consider an East German version of the reforms underway in the Soviet Union, but Honecker refused the suggestion. When Gorbachev visited East Berlin, crowds of thousands came out into streets for torchlight marches, chanting “Gorby, Gorby, Gorby, save us.” The day after Gorbachev left, a gathering of seventy thousand in Leipzig continued to challenge Honecker, who responded by ordering police to fire into the crowd. The police refused, and Honecker was ousted and replaced by a young Egon Krenz. The new prime minister fired his cabinet and looked to Gorbachev for advice.

On November 4, a half a million people jammed into East Berlin’s streets for a concert that became a public expression for the current generation against the old regime and the Communist oppression.On November 9, Krenz announced that his East German government would issue visas for those wanting to visit the West. Crowds began to gather that evening at the eight crossing points in Berlin. The border guards, uncertain as to how to handle the masses lining up at these gates, called headquarters but received no clear instructions. Initially, the guards required the valid visas, but soon the trickle of East Germans heading west turned into an unstoppable flood determined to gain what they had hoped to gain for years.

Soon, thousands crossed the wall for a taste of freedom.they broke it with sledgehammers.

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