The society. Everyone deserves shelter access to shelter;

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Last updated: September 1, 2019

The increasing amount ofpeople living on the streets without a stable place to go to every night is aconcern in society.

Everyone deserves shelter access to shelter; it is one ofthe basic needs of living beings to survive. Whether it is raining or coldoutside, there are adults and children out there that do not have a place toprovide shelter from these conditions. While out driving around, it is notuncommon to see someone sleeping on the streets or asking for help.  Homelessness is an issue that can be solvedby providing housing which not only offers motivation, but is morecost-effective and has a lasting effect on communities.            Giving housing to those struggling to turn their livesaround is a way to inspire a permanent change for the better to these people.

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Being given a home is the first step to solve the issue, “Once people were instable housing, they were more prepared to deal with other issues thatattributed to their homelessness” (Fritz). Given a place to turn their livesaround, the people stuck in a cycle of turning to alcohol and drugs orstruggling with mental illness were willing to put in the work to change. Thisnewfound motivation that a stable environment to live in provides will overtime reduce the amount of homeless people due to their will to make a permanentchange. Motivation that comes from living in a home after spending years on thestreets is why providing housing first is the clear solution to endhomelessness.            Providing a stable place to live is the mostcost-effective way to solve the problem of homelessness in the way it preventshaving to spend money on the expenses that come with taking care of thehomeless. There are several expenses associated, “Thecost of shelters, emergency-room visits, ambulances, police, and so on quicklypiles up” (Surowiecki). The more homeless living in homes and gettingstable jobs, the more people can support themselves and pay for their own expenses.

The hundreds of thousands of dollars that will be saved across the UnitedStates just by spending a couple thousand to provide the initial step insomeone’s life is what will fund the homes for all homeless people. Providinghomes eliminates the need to fund for treatment help and expenses caused byhaving people live on the streets, which is money that can be used to preventall homelessness in the future.            It has already been proven that the only thing homelesspeople need to turn their lives around is a home to live in. The best solutionis housing, “The evidence pretty much indicates that if you provide people witha housing subsidy, their homelessness ends and they don’t become homeless again”(Covert). The long-term solution that will keep communities from having peoplesleep on the streets is offering homes to live in. People that have beenhomeless are capable and willing to do whatever it takes to keep their homesbecause they know what it is like to live without one.

The first step inhelping communities solve the issue of homelessness is housing, which is thestart of making a permanent change in the lives of those without a place tostart.Housingis the best solution to the issue of homelessness in our communities. Housesare what permits permanent change in the lives of those struggling on thestreets, which is the only thing they really need. Money spent on housing nowis an investment for the money that can be saved on all the costs that comewith providing services to the homeless. It is beneficial to the homeless andthe communities supporting the homeless to provide housing first.


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