The society. Internet, which was initially used by

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Last updated: September 29, 2019

The Internet and other information technologies are rapidly becomingcommon fixtures of modern social and economic life, opening opportunities andnew horizons for each and every individual in the society. Internet, which wasinitially used by the US Army to strengthen their security, has now emerged asone of the largest and most significant industry in the global economy. Theinitial goals being – academic use, specialized information search and researchhas now been clouded by new services and needs. Thus, the Internet has nowemerged as a global network of computers providing a wide range of informationand entertainment services to a vast majority of people.The internet revolution has made the world a smaller place, an advantageto this scenario is that now individuals are not restricted by geographic,social or political boundaries. It has further enabled individuals to carry outany kind of social activity without having to be concerned about the socio,economic, political or even religious implications, but this is not without itsdrawbacks.

It has changed the way people communicate and maintain theirrelationships altering various aspects linking individuals to the society. TheInternet has become such an integral part of an individual’s life that it haschanged the relation of the individual with the society. More and more servicesare being offered “online” – from the basic task of paying ones bills to majormilitary activities. It is as if every individual has a dual identity, one inthe real world we live in and another in the virtual society.New developments in the technological world have made the internet aninnovative way for individuals and families to communicate. Social medianetworks have created a phenomenon on the internet that has gained popularityover the last decade. People use social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter,and Myspace to create and sustain relationships with others (Boyd , 2007).

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These social media sites let those who use them create personalprofiles, while connecting with other users of the sites. Users can uploadphotographs, post what they are doing at any given time, and send personal orpublic messages to whomever they choose. In this “information age,” socialmedia sites seem to be growing in popularity rapidly, especially among youngadults (Pempek, Yermolayeva, & Calvert, 2008).

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