The sources and providing them to different users.

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Last updated: September 26, 2019

The ancient society treated ‘library’ as the storehouse of documents meant for collection and preservation of preciousinformation sources. This trend has changed in information society where it istreated as the centre for collecting a various forms and types of informationsources and providing them to different users. So, the aims and objectives ofthe present library are entirely different than that of the past. Today it aimsto meet the information requirements of users at maximum level. It is possibleonly when the library has a good collection of all types of information sourcesand provides them for use without taking much time and energy.

  The present library faces a lot of problems of inaccumulating all information sources available in different forms to meet thevaried information requirements. In fact, revised editions and new arrivals inprinted and non-printed documents in all disciplines have been increasing onthe one hand, and financial constraints, lack of accommodation and infrastructurefacilities on the other hand cause poor information collection and services inarts and science college libraries. The non-availability of required materialsimpedes the information services. In fact, the collection of informationsources and information services should go hand in hand to achieve the goals oflibraries and institutions. But, the present college libraries are foundunsatisfactory levels in both information sources and services.

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Moreover, the privatization and liberalization ofhigher education has increased the number of arts and science colleges in thepast two decades. As a result, both the number of self-financed arts andscience colleges and the private aided colleges are equal but they do not haveproper information sources and services. Further, the introduction of technology in libraryhas brought about rapid changes in information sources and services. But, thearts and science college libraries are poor in the modernization andmechanization of information sources and services.

However, there are differences in informationsources and services available in the arts and college libraries. This isbecause, some arts and college libraries have enough information source anddischarge information service to the satisfaction of its users where as othercolleges are poor in both information sources and services. Hence, the problemof the present study is to find out the information sources and servicesavailable in the arts and science college libraries in the district level.

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