The strengths in the service of something much

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Last updated: May 17, 2019

The breakthroughs in science and technology have had a profound impact on our society. From Blaise Pascal’s first mechanical calculator to our modern day laptops, science and technology is more correlated with the evolution of modern human life.

My strong analytical and mathematical skills and my passion in using my strengths in the service of something much larger than me have made engineering a natural choice for my career. Every stream in engineering has got its own significance and effective results are obtained only if different concepts of all the streams are brought together. Wondering how few logically coded programs can control complicated networks with accuracy I started to learn concepts of programming in my under graduation and with these progressive interests I want to pursue my masters in computer sciences.My journey towards engineering excellence began very early.

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Throughout my school years, I have been the top academic performer in my class. As a result, my school encouraged me with multiple scholarships and opportunities to pursue my passion in science and mathematics. I have also been very active in extra-curricular activities.  I was the cultural and literary secretary at my school from 2008 to 2010. I represented my school in various interschool competitions and won multiple of them. Notable among them was my victory in the interschool quiz competition where I was placed 2nd among the 10,000 high school students from across the city of Hyderabad (the 5th largest city in India with a population of 10 million).  I was also an engineer at heart right from my childhood.

During my high school, I happened to examine a smart phone in detail for the first time and wrote an essay explaining how advancement in electronics made astonishing inventions possible, from replacing the complex cabled wire communication to today’s wireless wearable devices. After my high school, I secured an admission to the Electrical and Electronics engineering department at the prestigious, Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Hyderabad. From the very first year of my college, I used to take part in every workshop conducted by the college. I designed and programmed a path following robot as a part of robotics workshop conducted by the staff of renowned IIT Madras in my first year. I also participated and presented papers on various subjects at different technical fests.

I always kept abreast of the latest innovations in both electronics and computer sciences through various journals and magazines in my college library.During my second year, core electrical and electronic subjects were introduced in our curriculum along with C and data structures. I developed back ground coding for small electronics projects in C & JAVA as under the guidance of my course tutor and also enrolled myself into basic computer classes so that I can use this knowledge extension to help my career move towards computers.

To bridge the gap between the classroom taught theory and the real world, I voluntarily spent many hours in our laboratories to design and execute experiments. At the end of my second year, I worked extremely hard to be ranked in the top 1% of applicants and secured an internship opportunity at the prestigious Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited, India’s largest power plant equipment manufacturer. Here, I worked directly with the chief engineers. During my internship, I studied about various stages in the fabrication and assembly of huge generators and turbines.During this period, I visited a transformers mass producing company, to conduct a study on the power and distribution transformers manufacturing. I presented my findings in our college’s technical conference. Another project that I am proud is the vehicle tracking prototype I and a few of my classmates developed combining the technologies of MEMS, GPS and GSM. In addition to being a key technical contributor, I also served as the project lead for our five member team.

The most challenging and gratifying part of this project was our design and build out of an innovative Solar Tracker using a Variable Frequency Drive and an Induction Motor. We published our work published in IJATCSE journal1. Based on this project, we demonstrated a prototype that draws underground water for an initiative to help poor farmers.

As recognition of my achievements, I was given a silver medal on the graduation day of under graduate degree. This medal is given to the second most promising graduate from our university every year, from among a class of 1000 students. My dream has always been to push the boundaries of the science and I am keen to advance my knowledge through research and graduate study at an esteemed university. University of North Carolina at Charlotte meets my requirements by offering a comprehensive graduate program in my core interest areas of Neural Systems and Data Mining.

The collaboration of your university with highly respected corporations provides a unique opportunity to combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge. I also perused the publications of your faculty particularly in the fields of my interest and I am excited at the prospect of contributing to this foundational research work. I am confident that if given an opportunity to be a part of the program, I will not only be able to achieve my ambitions but also further the goals of the university’s research and academic initiatives. In addition to an admission, I request you to kindly consider me for any suitable financial assistance. In lieu of my prior track record, I hope you share my confidence that I will be an asset to your prominent graduate program and favorably consider my application. 

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