The study of organizational identification has grown over

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

The study of organizationalidentification has grown over the last few decades (e.

g., Kreiner &Ashforth, 2004; Ashforth & Mael, 1989). The researcher have identified thatorganizational identification has been proven to be related to several positiveorganizational outcomes (Kreiner & Ashforth, 2004).According to Ashforth & Mael (1989), employee who have established astrong organizational identification will have a positive attitude towards theorganization they work with and will contribute to the organizationalcitizenship behaviour (Feather & Rauter, 2004; Christ, Wagner, Stellmacher& Van Dick, 2003) and the employee has a lower intention to leave the organization(Van Dick, Christ, Stellmacher, Wagner, Ahlswede, Grubba, Hauptmeier, Höhfeld &Moltzen, 2004). In order to boost the effectiveness oforganizational activities, we need to understand the communication satisfactionconcept and important of organizational life.

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Communicationsatisfaction will leads to many outcomes such as job satisfaction,organizational commitment, job performance, and overall organizationalproductivity (Clampitt and Downs, 1993). Accordingto Crino & White (1982), communication satisfaction depends on the level ofindividual’s communication satisfaction that occurs in their organization.  There has been a considerable amount ofresearch that explored organizational commitment and its relationship withseveral organizational variables such as Communication Satisfaction,Leader-member Exchange and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Azhar Hj.Ahmad, 2004; Azman Ismail, Hasan Al-Banna Mohamed, Ahmad Zaidi Sulaiman, MohdHamran Mohamad & Munirah Hanim Yusuf, 2011; Kamarul Zaman Ahmad & RaidaAbu Bakar, 2003). Additionally, there are also numerous studies on the relationshipbetween Communication Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment (Varona, 1996;Azhar Hj. Ahmad, 2004; Alanezi, 2011; Seven, 2012).

However, little is known onthe relationship between organizational identification and communicationsatisfaction. Therefore, the main aim of this study is to address this gap inresearch.  Findings from this study would be highlybeneficial to the management of organizations and would enable effective andreliable measurement of communication practices within them. It could also aidin the assessing as well as planning of organizations’ administrativestrategies and programs towards increasing overall productivity. 

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