The team’s motivation and enthusiasm up when they

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The participative leader earns respect from his followers by encouragingothers rather than just control them. This style is not appropriate, however,when the time is limited, and the problemmust be solved immediately.  Advantagesfor the group are the learning of team and acceptance that working as a team makes the dream work! With the right guidance, a quiet shy person can be encouragedto speak out without the fear of ridicule. An example of the democratic styled leadership is when I was doing phasethree on ACLC (Air Cadet Leadership Course) and I had to get the cadets tobuild a log trail but not touching the floor.

There was quite a lot of time todo it, however, so I used my democraticstyle of leadership because I couldn’t plan on my own and I had time to do so Iasked them for the idea and from thereideas, I fit them all together and created a complete plan. This earned respectfrom the followers also because I incorporated the ideas they gave me, and itturned into one complete plan. This could cause a negative effect if the leader gets flooded with ideasand loses control because, with thedemocratic leadership style, followers are allowed and are guided towards addingideas and suggestions.

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 The Autocratic leader style works well when the leader has a specifictask and all the information necessary to complete a task without any error.   But this style doesn’t help when the leadermay need ideas from other people and the standard of the task may not be the best it can be. In this situation, the group needs strong confidence inthe leader as the task could fall apart and divide the group causing stresslevels and lack of trust and respect.

 An example of this is from phaseone from ACLC where I had to do a certain activity but in 15 minutes (fiveminutes planning time). There wasn’t a lot of time for this activity, so I usedthe autocratic leadership style and planned on my own and told the followersthe exact plan in the execution stage of SMEAC. Using this style also adds apositive effect on the follower’s mentality and enthusiasm because their ideashave been listened to and have been incorporated into the plan.  This has a positive effect on the followers because I told them clearlywhat they had to do and assigned specific roles like timekeeper. This means the follower knew exactly what they weredoing and would be able to complete the task.

I knew as a leader theyunderstood the plan because of the Any Questions and Check of Understandingstages of SMEAC. A negative effect thatan autocratic leadership style could form, is it would be harder to keep the team’s motivation and enthusiasm up when they are being told what to do and are not giving theirown input or advice into the activity. This could cause a lack of respect forthe leader.

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