The term contemporary art refers to art namely,

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Last updated: February 18, 2019

The contemporary art world has expanded since 1989, from the last two decades contemporary art gain a huge privilege and unprecedented growth in multiple countries specially in west. The term contemporary art refers to art namely, painting, sculpture, photography, installation, performance, and video art produced today in general opinion but in my words Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflects the issues relevant to ourselves as an artist, and the world around us. Today’s artists work in a global environment that is culturally diverse, technologically advance and multifaceted. In this century, now there are many international online art galleries across the globe. I believe art produced in the last twenty years arise many questions, as to what matters and an effort to articulate artist own practice, according to me Art is not what you see, as an artist it’s what you make others see is important. I always feel contemporary art world is an ongoing dialogue between artists and this movements, if an empty canvas makes sense in its current context, then yes that art will have a better chance of being successful, but for me the main point is what is the thing that artist trying to question? It’s like an ongoing series of intellectual trends that pay tribute or addresses an issue in relation to its previous trends.

A piece of art isn’t just an object, you must also include its context and the history of what it is trying to engage. I think contemporary art is all about creating something with a given level of abstraction which allows you to know what is its meaning, and it can also have no meaning at all, it can be just what you felt like doing at a given moment. You define an abstract way of expressing yourself, then you call it your style, you repeat it a million times, until some specialist looks at your work and endorse it. I Believe the reason why an empty canvas can be successful, whereas a hyper-realistic portrait isn’t. An artist can spend years mastering their pencil or their brush, but being successful requires this dialogue, that draws upon both historical and current ideas and issues and creates something relevant. There are millions of fantastic guitarists, but why aren’t they famous? The Arts as a whole simply requires a great deal more than practice and skill to be considered important.            

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