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The conception ofmarketing has been around ever since there was a need to trade, however itwasn’t truly recognised until the industrial revolution which lowered the costof products making it much easier for consumers to purchase than before. The acceptedtheory that marketing has the 5 stages of evolution was challenged by D. Steven White in 2010, when he added two newlyproposed marketing eras.Simple Trade Era (until Industrial Revolution)The Production Era (19th century to 1920s)Sales Era (the 1920s – 1940s)Marketing Department Era (the 1920s – 1960s)Marketing Company Era (the 1960s – present)D.Steven White proposed two moremarketing eras:1.      Relationship Marketing Era (1990’s – 2010’s)2.

      Social/Mobile Marketing Era (2010 – present)Looking back overthe current trend, marketing has evolved in 20 year cycles, however in morerecent times there has been suggestions of shorter cycles over the last coupleof decades due to the pace in which marketing resources are evolvingdynamically. Before 1990,traditional marketing methods, such as print and radio, were the main forms ofadvertisement. Once the internet launched in 1991 it took more than 10 yearsfor it to become a reliable resource of marketing activities.

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While manybusinesses still use traditional methods to attract consumers, some havecompletely replaced these with more modern techniques revolving around theinternet and others have continued with the traditional methods and integratedmodern techniques alongside. With thedevelopment of the internet brings a large range of new platforms on whichbranding messages can now reach consumers, bringing with it a lot morecompetition between brands. Consumers are given choice over the type of advertsthey see which in term gives the brand a greater challenge to cut through thenoise and make sure their brand is the one that is purchased.

By reachingconsumers on more than one type of media through an integrated campaign,creates one brand voice which may mean the message is more likely to be takenin over time.

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