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Last updated: March 15, 2019

the body has a natural system thatcleans out poisons that build up in thebody toxins are everywhere in our foodwater and even in the air we breathebecause of high levels of toxins expertssay to follow a detox diet once in awhile to help the natural system of yourbody detoxing helps the liver workproperly and helps bring the body backto its natural balanced state it willmake you feel good and lower the risk ofgetting sick a lot due to high levels oftoxins here are some things you can doto naturally flush toxins out of yourbodyone drink plenty of water water isimportant for the health of all yourmain organs because it helps in everymetabolic process in the body water alsoflushes toxins out of your body in factwater helps your body move out feceswhich have a lot of toxins when you keepthe bowel and digestive system healthyit helps your body get rid of harmfultoxins each time you use the bathroomtry to drink between 8 and 10 glasses offresh water every day however you mayneed to drink more or less based on yourclimate and activity level any day forbetter detoxification every morning onan empty stomach drink a glass of waterthat has been stored in a copper vesselto keep your digestive system workingproperlyalways check the color of your urine tofind out if your body has enough waterif your urine color is clear it meansyou’re drinking enough to start your daywith lemon water to lower the amount ofharmful toxins in your body start eachday with a glass of lemon water thecitric acid in lemon helpsdetoxification the form of lemon juiceis like the digestive juices found inthe stomach which helps the liver makebile more bile keeps food movingsmoothly through your gastrointestinaltract the lemon even alkalizes the pHlevel of your body making your bodystrong against many diseases to makelemon water squeeze the juice from halfa lemon into a glass of pure warmif you want you can add a little rawhoney to it drink it first thing in themorning on an empty stomach and wait 30minutes before eating your breakfast 3enjoy detox smoothies green smoothiesmade from fruits and vegetables likespinach kale beetroot apples orangespears Kiwis pineapple avocado alfalfasprouts and ginger are a great healthyingredient to add to your diet you canalso use different berries nuts andseeds in it green smoothies are good fordetox because they help the digestivetract get rid of toxic waste all theingredients in these smoothies boostproper digestion and are full ofantioxidants that help clean your bodyof toxins for drink green tea to helpdetoxification switch from your regularcoffee to green tea green tea is full ofantioxidants that help the detoxing ofthe body this is because they boost thecreation of glutathione a carrierantioxidant that rids the body ofharmful toxins green tea also has a kindof micronutrients called polyphenolswhich make fat burning hormones that arestopped by toxins this healthy tea alsohelps the body break down materialswhich is good for weight loss try todrink 2 to 3 cups of green tea every dayif you get bored of green tea switch itwith other herbal teas that have detoxproperties 5 get some exercise sweatingis a great way to help your body get ridof toxins sweating helps get extra saltsand other bad toxins out of your body toboost sweating nothing is better thanregular exercise when you exercise forat least 30 minutes a day you power upyour lungs and get the air flowing thispumps toxins out of the body all thetime and it makes your heart stronger tohelp detoxification in a natural way getup and exercise every daysix eliminate toxic substances if youwant to detox your body naturally it isimportant to lessen or fully get rid oftoxins that you have control over two ofthe things that you need to stay awayfrom are coffee and alcohol lower theamount of coffee and alcohol you take inbefore getting rid of it altogethertobacco is also not good for you youwill slowly feel how it helps withoutthe nasty withdrawal symptoms you haveto stay away from packaged processedfood items in order to stop all thechemicals preservatives and additivesfound in processed foods from cominginto your body don’t eat foods that comein cans bags or boxes in fact don’t eatany sugar or artificial sweetenersbecause they add to toxic build-upmostly in the nervous system and brainat the same time lessen the stress inyour life when your body is under stresstoxin levels go up lowering stress willmake it easier for your body to detoxevery day if you liked the video give ita thumbs up and share it with yourfriends if you want more recipes andtips subscribe

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