The The government were allowing marriages between African

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The Reconstruction Period occurred from the year 1868-1877.After the Civil War, the South’s industry was almost left in ruins. It neededhelp, and had to depend on the government that they had tried to abandon awayfrom. People know that the Reconstruction can be consider as both a success anda failure of ideals primarily because of the rules and regulations that were approvedafterwards as the failures and step backs that came across.

The ReconstructionActs that were accepted are all examples of accomplishments made during that time.The essay will follow how does the white supremacy affected the rights of AfricanAmerican during the period of reconstruction. Even though during reconstructiontime it was a period of freedom it also had some negative facts of discriminationand greed.

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One of the major effect of the white supremacy was the Black Codes. Black Codes were another failure of theReconstruction. They were created to restrict the rights of African- Americans.The government were allowing marriages between African Americans with somestrict restrictions on African Americans and the white population which madethem not intermarry among themselves.

However, the document 14.51 indicates that in most ofthe sections of the Black Code act, the southern state legislatures used theterms, “All freedmen, free negroes, or mulattoes.”2 This use of term was for raceto define the rights. The legislatures were trying to set up the new Reconstructionso that African Americans would be second class citizens. This connects to thefact of Reconstruction that the legislatures of southern state took a stepforward to let the Reconstruction happen by giving some rights.

Eventually therestrictions and limitations on African Americans by legislatures could reducethe progress of Reconstruction. 1 “Mississippi Black Code, 1865″2Doc. 14.5 Mississippi Black Code, 1865.

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