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The film Edward Scissorhands directed by Tim Burton follows the storyline of a so called “monster” with a soul of a child, who is constantly denied by society. Edward is a man created by his inventor in the mysterious mansion on the hill to be a companion. Ironically, Edward ends up in need of a companion when his creator suddenly drops in front of him, leaving him alone and with scissor hands. In the movie, Edward should be classified as the “villain” in the film because he wears freaky black leather jumpsuits and has blades as fingers but throughout the film, he is shown as a hero and he has the qualities of a polite, harmless outsider.

Edward is an innocent person despite his appearance which was judged by the citizens of this town. Most of the town folks were judgemental and some were borderline despicable despite their normal looks. Edward was first welcomed into the community with open arms because he was different and people found that intriguing. This is shown when the pack of housewives track down Peg and invite themselves to a barbecue just to get closer to Edward.  Peg says to Edward, “There’s no need to be nervous.  They are so eager to meet you. You just have to be yourself.

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 Just your own sweet self”. This quote tells us that all though Edward wasn’t nervous, Peg probably was because she wants Edward to be accepted and knows how judgemental her neighbours are. Tim Burton makes Edward look like the loner at the BBQ because it shows everyone around him wearing bright colours while he is wearing black leather and chains, it makes him look like the monster.

The citizens in this movie are the real monsters because all they do is judge and take advantage, for example, Joyce who is a desperate housewife who wants to get closer to Edward suggests they go into partnership together running a hair salon. On the visit to the hair salon, she tries to seduce him and do a little bit more…

but a confused and scared Edward that is new to this runs away leaving Joyce embarrassed and baffled. Joyce then as an act of revenge against Edward for rejecting her, tells everyone that he tried to rape her. Later in the movie you see that Edward grows feelings toward Kim, he would do anything she asks and this is shown when he helps Kim and Jim to rob Jim’s parents. Kim realises quickly that Edward loves her, not a fake kind of love like she has with Jim, but a real and genuine kind.

Kim at the end of the film is drawn to Edward; the more he is pushed away by the community, the more she sees him as this kind and gentle human. Throughout the film,  Edward becomes a victim of prejudice and alienation by the citizens of this town and all they do is take advantage of his kindness and innocence.

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