The the opportunities for increasing the means of

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Last updated: September 16, 2019

The global food problem is almost the oldest ofall global problems of mankind. Hunger – as its extreme manifestation and ahuge social disaster – fell upon the masses of people in ancient times, and inthe Middle Ages, and in periods of new and modern history. In the mythology ofthe Indians of Central America, there was even a deity of hunger. Theexplanation of the reasons for the ineradicability of hunger, as a rule, doesnot do without the opinion that Malthus rises that the population grows fasterthan the opportunities for increasing the means of subsistence increase.

Indeed, to confirm this hypothesis, you can find weighty arguments. Hunger ismost pronounced in regions that are characterized by high rates of fertility,the overwhelming majority of the world’s undernourished people live indeveloping countries, due to which the world population predominantly grows. Inaddition, as the population grows, the per capita size of the sown areas isreduced, which is also seen as evidence of an objective reduction in thepossibilities for universal food supply. However,there exists another scientifically substantiated and supported by calculationsview of the causes of hunger, which has already become universally recognized.Hunger and malnutrition are caused not by the absence of objective conditionsfor food security, but by inequality in its distribution. Despite the fact thatonly during the XX century. the population of our planet has increased severaltimes and now exceeds 6.

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5 billion people, the task of feeding everyone remainssolvable. According to experts, today there is enough space on the planet for aprincipled opportunity to provide food for 20-25 billion people. The UnitedStates of America is one of the foremost and strongest states in the world.Nevertheless, this country also has problems with the issue of hunger, which isprovoked by the poverty of a certain stratum of society. Therefore, the mainissue of this paper is whether the US is worth investing time and money infighting hunger inside its own country, or with hunger in the world’s poorestcountries.

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