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The first english sighting of the Yeti was in 1887 in the eastern part of the Himalayas. Although the natives have been seeing them for many,many years now and referred the Yeti as the “Menk”.However, it wasn’t until 1921 it got the publicity that it had deserved.It was in the Himalayas again but by a different person.

It was Lieutenant Colonel CK Howard-Bury.He had joined a hiking expedition on Mount Everest in Tibet.They say some creatures through a pair of binoculars and saw they were human like but was covered with brown fur.So they hiked to the part where the creatures was and they were gone and only found footprints that was 3 times bigger than a humans.These things were so long ago and there has been a lot more sighting of the Yeti and other ape-men like him.Could he have caused the murders of 9 college student in 1959?On February 2, 1959 college student were found dead.They were hiking up the Dyatlov pass inthe Ural mountains of Russia.

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One theory is that the soviet military was testing a top secret weapon on these college student because they were there before the first responders got there.Another theory is that there was a avalanche because the autopsist said the college studentshad”sustained horrific injuries”(Radford)had fractured ribs and skull and was caused by”compelling natural force”(Radford.However, just one thing one thing changes these theories.One of the the college Students named, Ludmila Dubinina’s was found without her tongue.Explorer, Mike Libecki sawthis story and soon as he saw it he knew it wasn’t caused by an avalanche because of the tonguebeing gone.So he checked it out for himself and said that”something ripped” the tongue out.Then he went to the scene and say that one of the tents was slashed from the inside out.

Also he saw that some of them had left their clothes in subzero weather.Then Libecki finds out on a newspaper that the college students brought was wrote on it”From now on we know the snowmen exists”.Libecki didn’t even had took look into it which was not shocking.The last picture the college students was of a dark figure that still is not explained what it is.Then after all of this Libecki wanted to explore the yeti theory so he met up with a yeti expert,Igor Burtsev who has dedicated his whole life to the research of this creature.         With all this information and the people in this case I think there is more to be found. The government has funded Yeti  at one point of time.

I think it was a yeti that had caused this catastrophe but i think the government wanted to cover things up so the public would never know the truth and be scared that there is something like that out there .

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