The The role of Frankenstein was so significant

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The very talented Mary Shelley wasn’t only an author but an inventor of science fiction. In the 1800’s she crafted the masterpiece, “Frankenstein”, and as well as, “The Modern Prometheus”, at a considerably young age.

In Shelley’s novel, “Frankenstein” it it can be said to have a multitude of themes. One crucial theme would be isolation or characters being alienated from culture, family, or society. The author of “Frankenstein”, Mary Shelley, uses the idea of isolation to develop the main theme of the novel that isolation is destructive. In other words the real monster is isolation not Frankenstein or the creature.

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The main character Victor Frankenstein’s  handmade creation the Creature, experiences alienation which then reveals surrounding society’s assumptions and moral values. In summary Frankenstein sees isolation from family and society as something worse than death and causes of loathing, brutality, and vengeance.Victor Frankenstein when he was a kid had what seemed to him had  the most supportive, caring, and loving parents anyone could wish for. But the funny thing is he never passed along the same affection to his own or the creature. The role of Frankenstein was so significant that all he had to do was raise his creation like a newborn and be there for him, and help guide the way into a happy successful life. But how could someone with caring parents (Victor) become isolated himself and pass it on to his monster like a domino effect? If Victor’s father approved of his sons interest in alchemy, Victor would have never created his monster or a duplicate of himself.

Victor did not create a monster his father did.It can be said that the action of another individual cause other characters to experience isolation and feel alienated. The decisions and action have an influence on the character making them feel alienated.

The character in this case Frankenstein made choices that isolated himself from everyone else. But then again, characters are forced into alienation for things that are not in their power. Frankenstein’s alienation reveal that societies assumption about him don’t matter one bit because Frankenstein has an obsession with the monster, so obsessed that he seemed almost dead to his family friends and soon to be wife. The isolation that took effect on Frankenstein later reforged his moral values to not care for anyone not even himself. One example of this would be when the creature asked for a companion but Frankenstein said no and this action resulted in the creature to become berserk and more alienated than ever.

This is where the twist comes in play the monster got karma back on Victor because he would then force Frankenstein to feel the same way as the Creature and not letting him marry Elizabeth or have companionship.

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