“The the throne as he seems unfit to

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         “The King’s Speech” is a 2010 Britishhistorical drama film with a historical setting in the beginning in 1925Britain. The movie is based on the true story of the Britain’s Prince Albert,played by Colin Firth, who later became King George VI (the father of QueenElizabeth II) after the abdication of the throne by his elder brother, Edward VIII. However, he is facing a huge problem totake over the throne as he seems unfit to be a king who is speaking with astammer. Due to this, the public has no confidence in him. To overcome this,his wife Elizabeth, played by Helena Bonham Carter finds help from anunorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush. Fromthat, an extraordinary friendship is developed between both of them.            From my point of view, the director,Tom Hopper is good in directing. He has done a good job in using the selectiveclose-ups and catching good camera angles of the incredible performances fromthe actors.

The ways that he builds up to the climatic finale have thesympathetic response from the audience. From his efforts, I feel that the storycame to life.         “The King’s Speech” is far more drivenby the acting of the characters, especially theacting of Colin Firth who plays as a stammerer. It would be difficult to act as a stammerer without a fullyunderstanding and researches on it.

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He is able to perform his role as a lowself-confident but warm-hearted king. There is one scene that he tries to havemarbles in his mouth to cure his speech impediment and his face turns reallyred and without image. Actors like him that is dedicated to his work must haveour respects. Besides, he managed to convey the frustration and a certainamount of self-loathing in the way that Prince Albert speaks. On the other hand, I am amazed with the acting ofGeoffrey Rush.

I am completely caught up in his character as he played itfantastically. He is not overplaying the stiffness. Together, they almost makethe movie at their best. So, I think the actors truly carry the characters toperfection.          The cinematography of this movie is quite differentfrom the other historical dramas. To arise the sympathetic response in theviewer, hard light is used with harder edges shallows and having a greaterdefinition.

To enlarge the feeling of constriction in Colin Firth, wider lenseswere employed. The cameramen are able to make the acting of the actorsprominent.           Furthermore, the scenery of thismovie is spectacular.

The beginning of the movie is a scene about the Duke of York giving his speech at the WembleyStadium in real. Although the movie was taken in Elland Road Football Stadiuminstead of the Wembley Stadium, the different in the location does not have abad effect on the movie. Besides, the actual place that Prince Albert and his wife Elizabeth living is at “145 Piccadilly” butunfortunately the place was destroyed during World War II so the movie wasfilming at 33 Portland Place which is full of colourful history. Despite ofdifferent place from the reality, the movie is still presented well in front ofthe audience.

As a result, the sceneries of the movie are able to give me thewow feeling.          Moreover, the soundtrack in “The King’s Speech” is usually at thebeginning of a changing scene, where the characters are walking or inside acar. The soundtrack is compatible with the atmosphere which is very lively andrelaxing.         As a conclusion, the movie iswell-presented from the view in all aspects.

It is a movie with simple plot buthaving many moving moments. It teaches me that no matter how difficult it is,our determination is always the factor that makes us stronger and overcome it.It is also important to us when we seek for helps as it can have a long lastingeffect to us. We should be grateful when there are friends to help us with theproper way and always appreciate them. I would say that the movie isinteresting as we can have the opportunity to know about King George VI and his ways to cure his speech impediment beside seeing adevelopment of friendship between a royalty and a commoner. I would recommendit to others as one will find it worth enough to watch.

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