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The World of Gaining and LosingI was trapped in my sleep shell being transported to the food shell station where I get fed.

I was being let out when a lockdown initiated A lockdown is where we are all put in our shell & cannot get out this happened because someone figured out how to hack the shell system. I needed to get out. Then I discovered who it wasIt was my best friend Arrona I told her to get me out too. Nooooo she couldn’t because the shells had been turned off but they had given me a weapon called M.P.S that could get through the material they are made of. I did it now to find her.

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Yes, I shouted in triumph I had got out. Now to find my friend. I was going through the hallways when there was a threat is over alert the threat had been tamed.

First I was relieved then I realized that my best friend had died. Then we had an alert that I had escaped & that I was armed. I had to get out. I started running.

Then I used my weapon to escape. I had left! They had told us that f we left we would be pulled into the vacuum of space. Then I remembered, there was an alert my parents had escaped, I immediately started trying to find them.

Chapter 2    Then my survival instincts kicked in & I started gathering food & finding shelter. This world was completely flat & blue & with orange & black trees & brown gold yellow water. I decided that I could use the stones lying around in haphazard structures for shelter. I began the very tedious process of moving the stones into position. Soon I had finished a haphazard structure that somewhat resembles the Parthenon except with only two pillars. It had a water dirt (they were sticky) mixture for a mortar.

The structure kind looked like a rectangle-ish shape on top of a pillar slightly west & slightly right of the center. I found vines & placed them around the structure & had a curtain type thing. I gathered a soft squishy yellow-gray moss & used it for a bed. I decided that in the morning I would start trying to find my parents.    Chapter 3In the morning I started searching. Later that day I came across a village. As soon as I crossed the fence everywhere outside the village started raining.

It went through the ground but the stone just stopped it. In the village there was no rain then I noticed that the rain was going into the village. I started running in one of the houses I saw that a humanoid figure’s remains were slumped over a chair. Then I heard someone screaming. I went down into the cellar (which was made of pure stone) & found a boy that looked my age.”A fellow human?” he asked curiously.”Yes,” I responded dumbfounded.”Thank the gods, I thought it was another one of them,” he said with a relieved sigh”One of who,” I asked”One the beings of this planet” he responded with a shiver”What’s your name” I inquired”Logan Vishal Horne” he responded & then asked “what’s yours””Amy Ségolène Hermansson,” I said & then asked”I’m 22 how old are you”.

“I’m 22 as well.” He responded & asked, “where are you from I’m from Afghanistan?””I’m from Peru.”Then the whole conversation kind of died. We walked in complete silence back to my humble abode. I gathered enough moss for two beds (completely separate). The next morning we decided that we needed food & a place to store it. I told him to find stuff to keep food edible & we had to find potable water.

For water, I found a small stream that had a clear water that fed into a lake. I left a trail to the stream. The next day I was following the trail when it stopped. I managed to find the next part which led to a volcano.

Logan was nowhere to be seen. The sun was setting and I had no shelter.Chapter 4When the moon rose I saw a moon that looked like a human head that was a rectangle with pieces taken out and small pieces jutting out and there were 2000 of them no wonder the land shifted each day it was being pulled into 2000 directions at once(not scientifically accurate)! Eating the small bit of food that I could, because I was rationing myself because I only brought an eighth of my food. But then after eating the food, I felt a small tingle in my stomach as if very small little boys and girls were crawling up the sides of my stomach and then the went to the roof of it and then fell off repeating the cycle until morning. As I was walking home I sorta kinda wished I could fly and then I felt an immense pressure inside my upper back and then some of the most extreme pain I’ve ever felt. It was as if someone was stabbing me over and over again with a dull knife but healing before the next stab.

I had grown wings! I tried flying when Logan flew past me “I found one” he was ecstatic! He tried picking me up but I knew from intuition that I could do anything just by thinking so I thought that I was not able to be picked up by anyone but myself so I became extremely slippery and no one could hold on. “C’mon I need to test you,” he said as if he was annoyed”No” I refused”now” he demanded”no” I repeated”COME WITH ME” he yelled”Uhhh fine” I groaned and allowed him to pick me up. As we were flying through the coral clouds I saw a small teal flock of birds. Chapter 5        In the village I saw earlier there was a circle on the ground like a town square. The kings or at least I assumed so because of the crowns on their heads. The crowns were golden and had some of the smallest but purest most beautiful gems imaginable.

One crown had only had one kind of gem and it was red with small blue speckles like a robin egg and was shaped like a robin egg as well. The second king had a gold crown with diamonds in it except the diamonds were shaped like triangles with lime green triangular speckles inside. A queen was there and she had a crown of gold and a maroon gem with a very light cyan colored square inside. The last queen had a crown of an ivory colored crown with small ovals of dark cyan with smaller ovals of blanched almond at the tip of each pink. I could tell that she was the main ruler.”It is time for the trial to start I am Armada,” the main queen said.”I am Morg,” said the other queen”I am Tanlim” Sain the first king”I am Reeslain,” Said the second king

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