The thick black smokers. Deep-sea volcanoes can be

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The cold volcanic glass.

The spewing bacteria. The thick black smokers. Deep-sea volcanoes can be very cool but also very dangerous to people like you and I.                                Obsidian   Volcanic glass is called, obsidian. Obsidian is caused when lava or magma cools rapidly when it encounters deep, cold ocean water.

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Obsidian is low in the ocean water, and ancient glasses are very rare to find. There are only a few ancient obsidian around.                               Black Smokers   Black smokers are black smoke hydrothermal vents and can be dangerous to submarines. It spews hot liquid over three times the boiling point for water on land! The superheated water immediately cools when it reaches cold ocean waters. If your planning on going to a deep-sea volcano be aware of black smokers!                                               Bacteria    Scientists have observed bacteria spewing from opened cracks in the ocean floor. This bacteria is called snowblowers, it’s in the deep part of the ocean floor. It blows 160 feet high and forms in the crack/breakage in earth’s surface!                                               The Giant ClamThe giant clam and mussel are from hydrothermal vents.

One species hydrothermal vent clam grew 3 times as fast compared to a regular sea clam. Typical sea clams had grown a third of an inch in a hundred years! The Vesicomyid clam populates the deep-sea hydrothermal vents.                                                      Chemosynthetic Food Chain   Deep-sea volcanoes involve the Chemosynthetic food chain. It goes in this order: sulfide, carnivores, bacteria sulfide energy, reduced carbon compounds, and hydrothermal vents. Primary producers, primary consumers, first order carnivores, and top order carnivores.                  Photosynthetic Food Chain   Deep-sea volcanoes also relate to the photosynthetic food chain. It goes in this order: The sun, green plants, carnivores, herbivores, reduced carbon compounds, and chloroplasts light energy.

This process is called photosynthesis.      Now you know about black smokers, volcanic glass, bacteria and more about deep-sea volcanoes. If you ever run into one take my advice: think about what you have learned and be careful!

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