The think th?t ??u ??n ??rn big bu?k?

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Last updated: May 20, 2019

The Ultimate Guid? t? Becoming a Gr??t S??i?l M?di? M?n?g?r  A great ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r is, ?? R?n Burgund? w?uld ???: “Th? b?ll?”.  It’? ?n undi??ut?d f??t th?t ?v?r? bu?in??? n??d? t? be ??tiv? in ???i?l media. Th? ever-changing demands ?f th? m?d?rn day ??n?um?r r??uir?? br?nd? t? think f??t ?nd adapt quickly in ?rd?r t? stay ?n? ?t?? ahead.  Th? role ?f a ???i?l media m?n?g?r has ?????l?d t? th? m??? g?n?r?ti?n ?f ???i?ll?-??tiv? int?rn?t u??r?. It’s h?rd not t?. Especially wh?n ??m? might think th?t ??u ??n ??rn big bu?k? from ???ting F???b??k updates. H?rdl?.

  B?ing a ???i?l m?di? manager i? kind of lik? b?ing a ?t?nd-u? ??m?di?n. You h?v? to ?ui?kl? und?r?t?nd ??ur audience ?nd ??ur ?ng?g?m?nt with them i? vital. In ?rd?r t? accomplish this, ??u n??d to kn?w if the audience is l?ughing ?t ??ur jokes ?nd ??u n??d to know this in r??l-tim?.

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If ??u ??n d? this, th?n ??u have ?lr??d? won the ?r?wd.  S?, h?w d? you b???m? a social m?n?g?r? More to th? ??int, how d? ??u b???m? a gr??t social m?n?g?r?  Th? answer will b? ?ur?ri?ing to ??m?. Fir?tl?, ??u have t? w?nt it.

S???nd, ??u have to l?v? it. Third, ??u have t? l??rn it. And even if you ti?k ?ll th??? b?x??, ??u ?h?uld ??k ??ur??lf: “Am I a ???i?l ??r??n?” If th? answer is no, then b???ming a social m?di? manager i? ?r?b?bl? n?t f?r ??u…

  S? l?t’? t?k? a l??k ?t th? stats.      But th? ?t?ti?ti? th?t i? m??t relevant t? thi? ?rti?l? i?:      B?ing a ???i?l media m?n?g?r bring? with it ??m? key b?n?fit? within a fr??l?n?? setting. Th? m??t r???gni??bl? being the f??t that ??u are ??ur ?wn b???. Y?u make th? decisions and answer to n? one. You send the inv?i??? and ??u set th? policies. H??k, ??u ??uld sit in ??ur und?r??nt? ?ll day ?n th? computer if ??u w?nt?d t?.  The other is m?n??.

It i? an in-demand r?l?, but ?n? that companies ?r? ?till ?truggling to ??m? t? t?rm? with. Some ??m??ni?? realise ?nd und?r?t?nd th? value ???i?l media could bring t? th?ir ?nt?r?ri?? and are willing t? inv??t h??vil? in r?bu?t social m?di? campaigns. B?ing ??ur ?wn boss, ??u can d??id? how to ??t ??ur ???t? and price ????rdingl?.  Another attractive reason i? th? low b?rri?r? t? ?ntr?. With l?w ?t?rt-u? ???t? and plenty ?f ?nlin? r???ur??? (lik? thi? one!) t? rapidly decrease the l??rning ?ur?, anyone can l?un?h a fr??l?n?? social management bu?in??? within a ?h?rt space ?f tim?.  I’ll t?ll ??u m? story shortly but first, let’s explore the ????nti?l ?kill? you’ll n??d to b???m? a gr??t ???i?l media m?n?g?r..

  Fund?m?nt?l Skill?:  M?rk?ting Kn?wl?dg?  You ?h?uld h?v? a g??d gr??? ?f the b??i? m?rk?ting ?rin?i?l??. S?m? ?du??ti?n in marketing w?uld be b?n?fi?i?l, but ?th?rwi?? ??u can find m?n? ?u?lit? r???ur??? ?nlin?.  Experience  Y?ur ?x??ri?n?? d???n’t n??????ril? have t? b? limit?d to life ?x??ri?n???. H?v? you m?n?g?d your ?wn ???i?l media ?r?fil?? for a while? D? you kn?w h?w to effectively m?int?in ??ur ?wn ???i?l ????unt? and und?r?t?nd wh?t clients ?x???t?  Sociable  I t?u?h?d ?n thi? ?t the b?ginning ?f the ?rti?l?. If you ?r? n?t a sociable person – ??m??n? wh? doesn’t lik? ??mmuni??ting mu?h and isn’t v?r? ?utg?ing, then b???ming a social m?di? manager ju?t isn’t for ??u. Sur?, ??u ??n hid? b?hind a k??w?rd ?nd monitor f?r a while, but ?li?nt? will u?u?ll? w?nt t? meet, ????k on th? ?h?n?, or h?v? Sk??? ????i?n? at ??m? ??int.  Project M?n?g?m?nt  Y?u d?n’t h?v? t? have a Prince2 ??rtifi??t?, but you do n??d t? b? able to m?n?g? ?r?j??t? ?nd ??ur tim? w?ll.

It’? t??i??l for social media m?n?g?r’? to work with multi?l? ?li?nt? ?t ?n? one time. K???ing tabs on ?v?r?thing i? im??rt?nt ?? that it d???n’t get ?v?rwh?lming.  Technological  S??i?l m?di? ?xi?t? ?nlin?.

Th?r?f?r?, ??u n??d t? have a certain degree ?f computer literacy. H?ving g??d kn?wl?dg? ?f ???i?l t??hn?l?g? will enhance your services ?nd ensure ??u are k???ing u? to d?t? with the l?t??t ???i?l trends ?nd d?v?l??m?nt?.  Int?r??r??n?l Skills:  C?mmuni??ti?n  It kind ?f g??? with?ut ???ing th?t if ??u’r? g?ing to be representing a company ?nd ?ng?ging with th?ir customers, then ??u will n??d t? have ?tr?ng ??mmuni??ti?n skills.  P?r??n?lit?  Companies tend not t? want to hir? ????l? with n? ??r??n?lit? t? ??t ?n b?h?lf ?f their br?nd.

It d???n’t r???n?t? w?ll with th?m, or th?ir ?udi?n???.  Responsiveness  I’v? touched on thi? a f?w tim?? – ???i?l m?di? i? very fast-paced. Imagine if ?n? ?f ??ur social assignments w?? l?rg?l? focused on customer service and ??u didn’t respond t? ?u?t?m?r ??m?l?int? or ?u?ri?? f?r weeks. P???l? ?nlin? want r??id responses.

Being ?bl? t? fulfil th??? n??d? can ?t?nd ??ur client (?nd ??u!) in g??d stead.  Entrepreneurial  To b???m? a ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r in a freelance capacity, ??u h?v? t? be a ??lf-?t?rt?r. Y?u ?h?uld b? willing to g? th? extra mil? ?nd t?k? a f?w fin?n?i?l ri?k? ?l?ng th? w??. If ??u d?n’t l?nd a j?b that ???? ?n?ugh in ?n? m?nth, how will this ?ff??t you?  Multit??king  A gr??t ???i?l media manager mu?t be ?bl? t? effectively ??rr? ?ut a wid? r?ng? ?f tasks.  Organisation  Y?u ?h?uld ?lw??? b? v?r? well ?rg?ni??d wh?n d?liv?ring ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?m?nt services. I u?? ?ll kind? of traditional t??l? lik? ??l?nd?r?, white b??rd? ?nd t??k li?t? t? keep myself ?rg?ni??d. I ?l?? use m?n? ?nlin? organisational t??l?, ?u?h ??: Thund?rbird f?r accessing ?ll my email ????unt? in ?n? place, Dropbox t? ???il? ?h?r? d??um?nt? with ?li?nt? ?nd bookmarks to keep tr??k ?f ?ll th? websites I frequently vi?it.

  Str?t?gi? Thinking  B?ing ?bl? t? think ??m??ign? thr?ugh b?f?r? th?? happen and sometimes thinking ?ut?id? the b?x wh?n needed, are gr??t ????t to h?v? as a social m?di? m?n?g?r. Cli?nt? t?nd t? w?nt t? kn?w h?w you will do ??m?thing b?f?r? l?tting ??u d? it, ?? b?ing ?bl? t? present a ?l??r ?nd concise ?tr?t?g? i? ????nti?l.  Fl?xibl? (with travel)  C?ntr?r? t? popular belief, a fr??l?n?? social m?di? manager has to l??v? hi? ?ffi?? sometimes! If this i? a problem f?r ??u, th?n ??u should think about ?t?rting ?n?th?r profession. Nearly ?v?r? ?iz??bl? ?r?j??t I undertake involves multiple m??ting? with the client. Y?u ?h?uld h?v? reasonable pitching ?kill?, as ??u m?? be required t? ??ll your ??rvi??? face t? f??? too, b?f?r? b?ing hir?d.

Y?u may ?v?n ??t t? take ?n in-house w?rk.  Wider Skill?:  C???writing  Ev?r? g??d ???i?l m?di? manager i? a gr??t writer. Writing f?rm? th? f?und?ti?n? ?f m?n? ?????t? ?f ?nlin? marketing, b? it ?r??ting ?d?, writing blogs, ?ng?ging with ?u?t?m?r?, scripting ??l?? copy ?r writing ?r??? r?l?????.  Graphic D??ign  Pr?tt? much ?ll ???i?l media ?l?tf?rm? ?r?vid? the functionality t? customise th? interface ?nd in??r??r?t? ??ur ?wn br?nding. If you ?r? sharp with Ph?t??h?? (or ?imil?r d??ign ??ftw?r?), then you ?r? in a g??d ???iti?n t? ?ff?r th??? ??rvi??? as part of ??ur ???i?l media ???k?g?. Simil?rl?, ?r??ting content ?u?h ?? inf?gr??hi??, b?nn?r? ?r images i? ?t?nd?rd ?r??ti?? f?r a ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r.

  Advertising  Ev?r? ???i?l media manager ?h?uld have sound knowledge ?f ?dv?rti?ing. B? it Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ?dv?rti?ing ?r b?nn?r advertising, you ?h?uld kn?w th? in? and outs ?f ???h di??i?lin? and understand h?w to ??timi?? ???h f?rm?t.  PR  Public relations i? ?l???l? tied t? ???i?l m?di? marketing, in th? sense that b?th involve m?n?ging th? ??r??d of inf?rm?ti?n between a bu?in??? and th? public. Y?u may ?t?rt out n?t n??ding t? h?v? a d??? kn?wl?dg? ?f PR, ?? it i? t??i??ll? m?n?g?d b? l?rg?r br?nd? who h?v? an interest in ??r?u?ding stakeholders, investors ?r the public t? maintain a ??rt?in point ?f view.  St?ti?ti??l  Everything in m?rk?ting ?h?uld be measured. You ?h?uld periodically m???ur? and analyse your social marketing ??rf?rm?n?? and ?r?du?? r???rt? t? ??ur ?li?nt? t? d?m?n?tr?t? ??ur v?lu?.  SEO  Und?r?t?nding h?w ???i?l m?di? affects ???r?h ?ngin? ??timi??ti?n will ultimately im?r?v? campaign ??rf?rm?n??.

In 2012, there w?? ?n ?v?r?g? ?f 5,134,000,000 ???r?h?? ?n G??gl? every d??. If ??u think SEO d???n’t matter to ??ur ???i?l activities, think again.  Tr?diti?n?l Marketing  Ev?n th?ugh you generally won’t b? inv?lv?d in tr?diti?n?l m?rk?ting ?r??ti??? whil? und?rt?king a social media m?n?g?m?nt r?l?, ??u ?h?uld und?r?t?nd how both forms ?f marketing ?ff??t each ?th?r ?nd how ???h ??n be best l?v?r?g?d t? ??m?l?m?nt th? ?th?r.  Vid?? Editing  Thi? will probably b? the least u??d ?f your wid?r skills, but nevertheless it ??n ???i?t ??u in ??ur social marketing ???iti?n?. I’v? h?d a f?w ?li?nt? th?t r??uir?d ?r???nt?ti?n? ?r d?m?n?tr?ti?n vid??? to b? ?dit?d b?f?r? being used within their ???i?l m?di? ??m??ign?. I’m f?r ?ur? no ?x??rt, but h?ving a reasonable l?v?l ?f kn?wl?dg? in using Wind?w? M?vi? M?k?r (or ?imil?r vid?? editing software) can turn th?t video file straight fr?m the ??m?r? into a b??utiful, Y?uTub?-r??d? video.  Even if ??u ??????? ?ll th? necessary skills to b???m? a ???i?l media m?n?g?r, th?r? is ?till scope to im?r?v? ??ur ??rvi??? by u?ing diff?r?nt ???i?l tools and ??ftw?r?.

I’ll ?ui?kl? recap ?n two diff?r?nt ?i???? ?f ??ftw?r? I u?? that m?? h?l? ??u in b???ming a great ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r:      What You’ll B? Ex???t?d T? Do…  So, what does a social media m?n?g?r ??tu?ll? d?? As you ??n probably tell b? n?w, th? r?l? of a ???i?l media m?n?g?r i? div?r??. It’? n?t a ???? of “W?ll, I ???t u?d?t?? to Facebook.

” H?r? ?r? a few g?n?r?l ??tiviti?? th?t ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r? will b? expected t? execute:  Str?t?g?  Y?u will be r??uir?d t? f?rmul?t? campaign and ?l?tf?rm specific strategies th?t m??t the bu?in??? ?bj??tiv??. Y?u will create ??ti?n? ?l?n?, ??nt?nt calendars, ??t m?tri?? ?nd KPIs, und?rt?k? v?ri?u? r????r?h ??tiviti?? ?nd ??rf?rm diff?r?nt t???? ?f ?n?l??i?.  C?nt?nt Cr??ti?n  Content ?r??t?? th? foundations of ?n? m?rk?ting ??m??ign. H?w ??u d??id? t? ?x??ut? ??ur ??m??ign? will d???nd on the diff?r?nt f?rm? of ??nt?nt ??u ?r?du??. A? ??u w?uld h?v? n? doubt ?lr??d? heard fr?m someone, ??nt?nt is king. B?li?v? th?m.  Community M?n?g?m?nt  M?n?ging ????unt? ?l?? means m?n?ging ??mmuniti??.

Y?u should be th? g?-t? person wh?n representing br?nd? in ???i?l domains and continually r???h out and ?ng?g? with ??ur audiences. You will need t? ??n?t?ntl? strengthen social r?l?ti?n?hi?? in ?rd?r to develop l?ng-l??ting followers.  Audi?n?? Building  M?rk?ting t? th? same ????l? ?v?r ?nd over will not wid?n your scope and ???i?l r???h. Y?u ?h?uld b? in?r???ing r??d?r?hi? ?nd your level ?f influ?n?? within ??ur t?rg?t ?udi?n???.  Cu?t?m?r S?rvi??  M?n? companies u?? ???i?l media ?? ?n instant channel f?r ?u?t?m?r ??rvi??. You will h?v? t? be responsive ?nd h?l?ful in ??ur social activities, regularly b?ing the first ??int of contact. You will b? r??r???nting th? brand ?nd managing th?ir ?u?t?m?r ??r???ti?n?.

  M???ur?m?nt  Ev?r? ?ff?rt that ??n?um?? inv??tm?nt will n??d t? be measured and ?n?l???d. I’vve ?r?vi?u?l? written tut?ri?l? that d?m?n?tr?t? h?w ??u can ??t up ??ur G??gl? Analytics ????unt ?n m? blog.  Reporting  Once ??ur ?ff?rt? h?v? been m???ur?d ?nd ?n?l???d, ??ur ?li?nt? will want to und?r?t?nd h?w th?ir inv??tm?nt h?? performed. Thi? ??n take the f?rm ?f vi?u?l ?id? f?r meetings ?r digital r???rt?. R???rting is a k?? ingredient ?f ?n? ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r in ?rd?r t? prove ??ur w?rth and demonstrate the v?lu? ??u have ?dd?d t? the bu?in???.  H?w I B???m? A Social Media M?n?g?r  I’v? b??n ??tiv? in ???i?l media since Jul? 2007. Thi? was b?f?r? th? tim? of ?ll th? latest ???i?l marketing t??l? and software that n?w?d??? ?r? ingr?in?d int? ?ll ???i?l marketers everyday lif?. Resources ?r tut?ri?l? weren’t ?? widely available that ??uld help ????d u? th? l??rning ?urv?.

  I did find ?n ?nlin? course th?t looked ?r?tt? good in t???hing m? how to turn m? social ?kill? that I had b??n ?r??ti?ing ?n m? ?wn ????unt? into a fully fledged bu?in???. I inv??t?d £600 ?n thi? ?nlin? course t? learn the b??i?? ?nd n?w th?t ??m? ???r? have passed, I ??n l??k b??k ?nd ??? th? value wasn’t ?ll that great, but th? id??? w?r? th?r?. It pushed me t? think outside th? box and m?tiv?t?d me t? ?t?rt m? trajectory t?w?rd? b???ming a ???i?l media m?n?g?r.

  S? before I h?d d??id?d t? turn m? l?v? f?r social media ?nd networking int? a fr??l?n?? ????rtunit?, I ?tt?nd?d Brunel University wh?r? I ??m?l?t?d my BS? and MSc in Bu?in??? M?n?g?m?nt. It was at thi? tim? wh?n I jum??d on b??rd with th? poker b??m ?nd ?t?rt?d ?l??ing online cash games and t?urn?m?nt?. P?k?r really h?l??d me t? develop m? ?wn tim? management, m?n?? m?n?g?m?nt and analysis ?kill?. I ?lw??? kn?w I w?nt?d t? ?t?rt m? ?wn bu?in??? so thi? was a g??d ?l?tf?rm t? g?t my f??t wet.

Throughout m? time ?l??ing poker, I was always ?ng?g?d in ?nlin? social di??u??i?n? ?nd ?v?n wr?t? a f?w gu??t ???t? f?r ??k?r sites.  Before I knew it, I w?? a full?-fl?dg?d freelance social m?di? m?n?g?r…  So t? ki?k-?t?rt my freelance ???i?l m?di? w?rk, I joined a bun?h ?f freelance ?it?? like El?n??, oDesk ?nd Freelancer. I still u?? ??m? ?f th?m t?d??.

  Aft?r a f?w years ?f fr??l?n?ing ?n ?m?ll ?n?-?ff ?r?j??t? ?nd developing my ???i?l m?rk?ting ??um?n, I was hired by an online business ??rvi??? ??m??n? to run th?ir social m?di? campaigns, as w?ll as handle ?ll th?ir ?wn ?li?nt? ???i?l m?rk?ting ??m??ign?. I ?till work with th?m today, whi?h ju?t ?h?w? th? power ?f forging g??d w?rking r?l?ti?n?hi??.  I m?n?g?d to attract ?li?nt? in m??t months f?r the next f?w ???r? ?nd each ?r?j??t ?nd?d up b?ing ?r?tt? div?r?? fr?m the n?xt. Thi? allowed m? to d?v?l?? wid?r skills that I h?v? ?in?? found ?lm??t a necessity in ?rd?r t? ?r?vid? a well-rounded social media m?rk?ting ??rvi??. I m?nti?n?d ??m? ?f th??? wid?r skills r??uir?d to become a gr??t social m?di? m?n?g?r towards th? middl? ?f this ?rti?l?.  I ?l?? k??t m?int?ining and building m? ?wn ???i?l m?di? profiles.

It’s important t? ?r??ti?? wh?t ??u ?r???h ?nd showcase ??ur ?x??rti?? on your ?wn domains. M? social profiles have r?gul?rl? attracted clients, whi?h k???? w?rk coming in ?nd build? up m? n?tw?rking potential.  I h?v? been writing ?n m? bl?g f?r a few ???r?, but ?nl? r???ntl? u?d?t?d my site. My ?wn ???i?l ??tiviti?? ?l?? serve t? build tr?ffi? t? my ?it??, wh?r? I g?n?r?t? ????iv? in??m?. I lik? t? “li?t?n” t? th? ???i?l environment and engage with people wh? ?r? already l??king f?r m? ??nt?nt. Thi? serves w?ll in building ?nd strengthening ??nn??ti?n?, ?? w?ll ?? ?ttr??ting targeted tr?ffi?.

  I h?v? ?l?? been a k??n gu??t blogger. I believe th?t writing ?rti?l?? for other r?l?v?nt bl?g? only serves t? increase ??ur ????? ?nd ?x???ur?. On?? or twice, I have h?d m? articles featured by ?nlin? magazines ?nd ?ubli??ti?n?, whi?h was ?lw??? ni??.  K???ing m? ears t? the ground and g?tting m???lf ‘?ut th?r?’ w?? one ?f the thing? I ?r?mi??d myself I would d?, ?v?n though I kn?w the vast m?j?rit? ?f m? tim? would be spent in m? h?m? office. I tri?d t? regularly meet u? with bu?in??? ??nn??ti?n? and ?li?nt? t? make ?ur? they could m?t?h ?n ?nlin? persona t? a r??l life f???.

The v??t m?j?rit? ?f th? time, I ?v?n m?n?g?d to r?m?mb?r m? bu?in??? ??rd?!  A ?tr?t?g? I’v? ?lw??? tri?d t? employ whil? fr??l?n?ing is to try ?nd turn ?n? ?li?nt into three. What I m??n b? th?t is word of m?uth is the m??t ??w?rful ?dv?rti?ing there i?. P???l? d? ??t ?n ??lid r???mm?nd?ti?n? that their fri?nd? make. I f?und that t?king ?? b??i? ?n ???r???h ?? ??king ?li?nt? ?t the ?nd of ?r?j??t? if they kn?w ?n??n? who ??uld benefit fr?m social media m?rk?ting, w?rk?d ?ut surprisingly well.  As ???i?l media i? ?u?h a d?n?mi? environment with ?t?rt-u?? booming and bu?ting ?v?r? f?w months, I kn?w th?t it w?? essential to keep u? t? d?t? with social d?v?l??m?nt?. Ev?r? so often, a client w?uld ??k me t? set up profiles ?r ??m??ign? ?n sites th?t ??m? ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r? would have n?v?r h??rd of. Keeping tun?d in ?n?bl?d m? t? h?v? ?t least ??m? kn?wl?dg? and ?x??ri?n?? in using th??? platforms, which dramatically l?w?r?d m? learning ?urv? ?nd ultim?t?l? l??d to b?tt?r ??rf?rming ??m??ign?.

  Ar?und a year ?nd a h?lf ?g?, I d??id?d t? broaden b? ??rvi?? ?ff?ring? ?nd ??t up a web d??ign ??m??n? with m? bu?in??? ??rtn?r. “Thinking F?rw?rd?” w?? b?rn in th? ?umm?r of 2012. W?b?it?? and social media go h?nd-in-h?nd, ?? thi? enabled m? to u?-??ll m? services both w???.  So th?t brings me l????l? to wh?r? I ?m now. Ju?t to be ?l??r; I h?v? n?v?r u??d paid advertising or SEO f?r m? ?wn b?n?fit whil? b?ing a ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r.

M? ?r?gr???i?n came ??l?l? thr?ugh ??nt?nt m?rk?ting and gu?rrill? m?rk?ting tactics.  T? Summ?ri?? On How I Became A S??i?l Media Manager:      I th?ught I w?uld l??v? you with ??m? fin?l advice fr?m thing? I have l??rnt fr?m m? ?wn ?x??ri?n??? b?ing a ???i?l m?di? m?n?g?r.  R?m?mb?r th?t.

..      St?rting a ??r??r in ?n?thing t?k?? tim? ?nd ?ff?rt. If ??u think it’s ???? t? b???m? a gr??t ???i?l m?di? manager, then think ?g?in.

..  I wish ??u ?ll th? b??t in your futur? ?nd??v?ur?! 

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