The This will save the time of customer.

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

The established of digital account opening platform provided a multitude of advantages to client as well as CIMB. This platform will promote the customer experience and encourage them to return, and indirectly have a consequence on enhancing the reputation of CIMB. With the existence of “1View” on-the-go platform, CIMB’s operation becomes more effectiveness and efficiency. Customer will realize the product and services that CIMB are offer with, and increase the likelihood of customer preference and attract customers to create relationship with CIMB.

  Hence, CIMB can obtain the priority choices from the customer when they need financial activities. Customer will always choose the product or services that they feel convenient and save time. Nowadays, students, companies even investor will need a bank account whether saving or current account. Some customer may busy and do not want to waste their time for filling form as well as waiting process. On the off chance that customer arrived at the wrong time, they could stall out in a long queue. All of these problems can be reduce once customer choosing CIMB.

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Through “1View” on-the-go platform, customer can open their current and savings accounts instantly. This platform will be more quickly since it is control by system. This make customers more convenient since the customers will have additional time on their daily agenda to better deal with their accounts. Besides, “1View” on-the-go platform also bring benefit to both customer and CIMB on the aspect of personal financing applications. This platform provides more efficient service to customer since it produce on-the-spot results for personal financing applications. That is, their application can be quickly responded and problem-solving can be done more quickly. The customer can proceed to this platform directly to obtain their result instead of waiting counter service personnel for servicing.

This will save the time of customer. CIMB can have a quick response of operation provided for customer. As a result, customer will consider CIMB instead of other bank since it offer ”1 view” on-the-go platform. All in all, the existence of digital account opening platform ensured a favourable relationship between customer and CIMB throughout the entire lifetime.

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