The threw for the last time Danny hit the

The main character in this book is Danny. He is a 16 year old boy that lives with his Mom in Northern San Diego.

His Mom is white and his Dad is Mexican but his Dad left him and his Mom. Danny Dad  went back to Mexico Danny did not see his Dad for a very long time he left when Danny was a little boy. Over the summer he went to National City, Mexico He stay at his aunt and got to see cousin Sofia. The reason why Danny went National City, Mexico.

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that is were his Dad grew up until they move to San Diego. Danny cousin Sofia show him her friends there name are: Carmen, Raquel, Angela, Bee, Juanita, Flaca and Guita. Sofia told Danny these are my girls. Then sofia  show Danny around the neighborhood than they stop to see the kids playing baseball.

Danny love baseball he play lot of baseball at San Diego with his friends. Then they sat down to see the kids play baseball. That were Danny met the boy name Uno but in the game of baseball  Uno was the pitcher. On the other team they were losing very bad so Danny got but on that team seance they were doing bad than it was danny turn to be the pater Uno threw the tennis ball so hard Danny did not swing Uno come Danny. Uno threw the tennis balle again he still did not swing  than you could hear the kids saying patter patter pat pat Uno threw for the last time Danny hit the tennis ball so hard it went over Mr. Rodriguez house everybody was amaze how far the tennis ball went  they had  their mouth wide open you can hear Sofia in the background telling Uno I told you that he was very good at baseball you did not believe me Uno said ok ok i give u that one.

Later on Uno gets  hit with the pat by accident he had busted nose with lot of blood was coming from his nose Sofia told a kid go tell his big brother Lolo. Lolo came told him what happen Uno I got hit with a baseball pat. Then Uno brother took him to the hospital he got some stitches. Uno is just like Danny but Uno Mom is Mexican and his Dad is black.

Uno and Danny never ever got to met their Dad. lot things happen in this book it very in moshinol. Larter on the story Danny is trying to make some  money so he can go to Mexico to visit his Dad to see how he been and to found why he left him and his Mom. So in the book Danny and Uno trying to find some work so they can make some money.

Danny does not know lot of spanish only little bet not a hold lot. Than later on Danny get a phone call from San Diego it was a call from home it was his Mother told him that she coming to get him in few more days so Danny and Danny Mom and her boyfriend can be a family again. Before he left Danny play one more game of baseball. At the end Uno told Sofia what would happen if Danny never had came she said i don’t know.

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