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Last updated: December 24, 2019

The most significant infrastructure discussion is related to the data center, The interconnection of data centers, and their connectivity to the users of the cloud service.A simple view of the cloud data center is that it is similar to a corporate data center but a different scale because it has to support multiple tenants and provide scalability and elasticity. The applications hosted in the cloud as well as virtualization also plays a part.Let me elaborate with real-time example by considering MapReduce computing paradigm that Google implements to provide some of its services. Simply, the MapReduce scheme takes a set of input key value pairs, processes it and produces a set of output key-values pairs. To realize the implementation. Google has an infrastructure of commodity servers running LINUX interconnected by Ethernet switches.

Storage is local through inexpensive integrated Drive Electronics disks attached to each server.How the cloud computing infrastructure is affected by the Internet reference modelOrganization using the deployment model can directly access the network traffic to and from the internet and usually have complete control over and can safeguard their corporate networks using firewalls and monitoring software. These organization also assume the responsibility of deploying operating and maintaining their IT resources and internet connectivity.End user’s devices that are connected to the network through the internet can be granted continuous access to centralized servers and applications in the cloud.

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A salient cloud feature that applies to end user functionality is how centralized IT resource can be accessed using same network protocols regardless of whether they reside inside or outside of a corporate network. Whether IT resource are on-premise or internet-based dictates how internal versus external end users access services even if the end users themselds are not connected with the physical location of cloud-based IT resource.Cloud are on internet, therefore all the security problems related to internet including frauds and attacks by hackers may happen the problem become more significant because cloud services make heavy use of internet.Sensitive data like medical records are no longer protected by physical quarantine. That fundamental risks arise from sharing physical infrastructure between users even when their actions are isolated through machine virtualization as within a third-party cloud compute service.Data may be stored and processed in different geographical location with different regulation.

Users may lack awareness regarding the location, which will cause serious jurisdiction and legal compliance troubles.Several solutions have been proposed for the security and privacy problem. The most obvious way out for users is to encrypt whatever data they are going to put in the cloud. But it will increase the cost of computation and it is technically cumbersome to process the data in an encrypted form.

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