The to lack of space. Numerous convicts have

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Last updated: September 25, 2019

The Philippines, as one of the few archipelagic countries in the worldgreatly dealt its geographic problems, may it be in terms of land structuresand even on its own territorial waters and seas.

Problems such asoverpopulation and lack of space rises in the archipelagic country, for land isa scarce resource. The government should be able to utilize not only its landresources but also its territorial waters.Taking note of overpopulation and other crisis in the Philippines, thecountry is under an occurrence which is so called “The War on Illegal Drugs”,courtesy of President Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. This occurrence madedrug pushers, users, drug lords and criminals alike to be caught indubitablygiving way to the rise of population of detainees and prisoners in the country.With the sudden rise of criminals being caught, our local jails have exceededits ideal population, overcrowding most of our country’s prison facilities.

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Prison congestion is perilous to the health and safety of the inmates. Respiratoryproblems arise due to lack of space. Numerous convicts have developed and/orcontacted serious illnesses. Instead of rehabilitating, it provides sufferingfor those affected. Unethically thinking, those prisoners deserve to suffer buthuman as we are, there is a need to treat them humanely; so they may live withdignity.

They deserve a decent and livable space while imprisoned despite theiratrocities.The researchers, composed of 3 Bachelor of Science in Naval Architectureand Marine Engineering students, proposed an idea to create an OffshoreCorrectional Facility. A floating prison at sea to aid the lack of space inlocal jails, provide a decent facility for the inmates and to aid jail officersin managing and guarding the inmates effectively. The idea also aimed toprovide employment and to revolutionize prison security and economically savvyin terms of cost of construction.This research draws upon the need of immediate attention of theoccurring problem of overpopulation on our local jails. To prove thatoverpopulation was evident, the researchers look for the upmost and lateststatistics of population from a lawful source,

The researchersgathered all the necessary data to show that overpopulation of our jails wasindeed rampant in our country; quite alarming in the sense that this kind ofinstitution must be manage with outmost security. The leading solution to solvethe problem was to build another facility to accommodate the other inmates. Amajor obstacle was of the geographical formation of the Philippines, takingnote that an archipelagic country land is limited so it must be utilized wellfor the economy. Nevertheless, to build a correctional facility would lesslikely affect the economic growth of the country.  The researchers’ area of the study will be in Cebu, observing Cebu youwould realize that it is a mountainous province.

Since the urban is roughlyoccupied, Cebu’s remaining land spaces are on these highlands. It willdifficult and expensive to build a prison on a highland and considering suchfactors like transportation, communication, security, accommodation and safety. The idea of building a correctional facility at sea instead of land cameinto the researchers’ thought. Philippines is an archipelagic country, surroundedby vast waters. The problem of overcrowded facilities drives the researchersinto providing conventional solutions but still inline to the researchers’field of expertise.

 The researchers designed an offshore correctional facility with acapacity of 960 inmates. Location as to where the said facility was also placedinto consideration. As matters of security, accommodation, transportations,communications and safety will be explained further.

The initial cost ofconstruction and maintenance cost will be roughly estimated due to limited timecalendar. The researchers with optimism hope that this study could serve as analternative to a land based prison. 

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