The to live by. The Islamic Republic of

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Last updated: June 28, 2019

The world that we live in has been through enough damage, because of some current disturbing events and the war.

The reason behind such wars have been because of ethnic, racial, religious, and etc. Cyberterrorism has been a great threat in our current generation with all the access from the deep web to nuclear codes. Cyberterrorism is defined as using the internet to cause threats and crimes.  In other words it means pointing digital guns at digital data of other countries and their codes. Which to most countries nowadays is very important, specially codes.

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The bigger issue is that many people all over the world is stuck to the internet throughout their lives, and as a result people were either taught that it was the way that life went, or it’s an easier way to live by.  The Islamic Republic of Iran is a victim of this terrible making of mankind, but it is strong enough to fend it off. Anyone who cyberattacks Iran should expect a punishment coming their way soon. The Islamic conference Organization has made it a law to defy international all terrorism, including Cyberterrorism. In the field of great goals, Iran has suggested defense against electronic and cyberattacks against our country. Here are some possible solutions. 1.

Cyberterrorism Tracking. If the world wants to stop this massacre, firstly it is going to require knowing where it has originated from. It’s scattered throughout the internet, secondly to have to narrow it down, that’s going to have to take tracking the normal routine of every single human being on this planet personally once they enter the deep web, till the exit it for at least a year. Then, when the government finally discovers who’s responsible for all this, the government will take action by punishing them. 2. Fight Fire with Fire. The Islamic Republic of Iran can just cyberattack whoever is causing such an issue.

With all these great coders and hackers the country has, the government can benefit from them. By hacking into computers of cyberterrorist, inserting viruses and malwares. Use browser hijacking, blackmailing, etc. to stop the attackers from causing such troubles and complications. 3. Become Less Reliant on the Internet. People can just rely on mails, witnesses, and libraries instead of e-mails, cameras, and search engines.

The world can agree just to remove a bit of the internet from everyone’s lives, and start bonding with nature’s surroundings. Or, if that’s a bad idea, since everyone can agree it will be a little difficult to do, the government can simply keep the nuclear codes and countries secrets not into codes. By turning the nuclear launch codes into the big red button and make the countries artillery away from unwanted access.

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