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Last updated: September 20, 2019

The past year has been very eventful, especially in the political realm of things.

Fromcontroversial statues to the presidential inauguration to tax reform. All of these occurred thispassed year and had some impact on our country. Let us take a journey back in time to revisit allof these historical and political events.One of the events that we will be visiting is inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45 thpresident of the United States.

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The reason this is very important to the political scheme of thingsis because of a few reasons. First, Donald Trump ran as the Republican candidate and won, thismeaning that we have a conservative President following a liberal one. Another reason this is soimportant is because President Trump, before the election, has no political background, thusmaking him an interesting candidate, and as we later discover, an even more interestingpresident.

This is also important historically. The last person to run for office that comes fromoutside the major realms of politics was Ronald Reagan, who was an actor before he was apresident. One might connect these points and say that history repeats itself by allowing peoplefrom outside of politics to run and attain the presidential office.Another event from last year was the controversial statue riots. The statues in questionare statues of confederate hero’s and confederate soldiers. People are rioting and forcefullyremoving these statues because they believe that it is a symbol of slavery. These ideologies werethe product of the Charleston riots for white pride. This affected the political realm of thingsbecause the government was expected to intervene and stop them, but since it was protected bythe first amendment, they could do nothing.

Another big event from last year was the tax reform law that was passed at the very endof the year. President Trump pushed for tax reform so it helps the middle class as well as bringback businesses to America. Democrats fought heavily against it, believing it was a bad idea. Inthe end, it was passed by a 51-49. This will not be put into effect until the year following thepassing of the bill.As for 2018, there are things that we should all watch for in the next year. These thingsare the 2020 presidential election, the tax reform being put into effect, and the 2018 generalelection. These are going to be big events in the following months.

One big thing we all should watch for is how people are going to accept the tax reform.The tax reform will slight decrease tax return for the upper middle class, people who make morethan $100,000 but less than $1,000,000, but for everyone else’s tax return will be raised slightly.We should all watch how the general public as well as the government handles the tax return.

Another big thing to watch for is the 2018 general election. This election, Trump’s pull inthe government could change with the changing of senators and house representatives. He couldalso gain much more sway in congress by winning more republicans into office.And the final thing to watch for is the 2020 presidential election. Anything could happenin that election. Trump could be elected for a second term, Oprah could become the democrat onthe ticket, or Bernie Sanders could make a return. Make sure when you watch the debates to payattention to those key players.

These were my big events from 2017, and what we should watch out for in 2018. Watchthe elections and taxes. Remember the statues and the inauguration.

These events will change thecourse of history and shape the world we live in in ways we do not yet know.

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