The too. Tom himself even reveals to Nick

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The Lost Generation The Lost Generation is based off writers and other creative people who lived during  World War I. They were called the “lost” generation because after the war many of them were delusional about the world and refused to move into a settled life.

Poets during this time period would meet with each other to critique one another’s work. Those writers, and others, were people who let go of old values and created their own new ones. The books, The Great Gatsby, by F.

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Scott Fitzgerald and The Sun Also Rises , written by Ernest Hemingway both show the Lost Generation in their novels. They are considered stories of their era because they explain how it really was for people of this generation. The Great Gatsby begins with the narrator, Nick Carraway, and his father is giving him advice. Nick is moving to New York to learn about bond business.

There he is meeting up with his cousin, Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom. After gathering at Daisy’s house in the East Egg district, where the old rich and power live. There Nick meets Daisy’s friend Jordan and a relationship between them begins to grow. The more the Nick gets to know everyone, the more secrets he begins learning too.

Tom himself even reveals to Nick that he is cheating on Daisy with a married woman named Myrtle. There is a mysterious man who is neighbors with Nick and throws lavish parties all the time. Nick eventually meets his mystery neighbor, Gatsby. Gatsby was an old lover of Daisy and uses Nick in order to get close to her. Nick also learns more about Gatsby’s life and how he got to where he is, which is not the right way to make a name for himself at the time. Jay Gatsby is, obviously from his many luxurious parties, rich.

However during this time, it was about where the money came from just as much as how much of it you had. The old rich, people with money from previous generations, were seen as more superior towards the new rich, people who had money but no name to go with it. As Nick and Gatsby get closer, so do Gatsby and Daisy, and the more secrets start revealing themselves. One day Daisy accidently kills Myrtle, the mistress, while driving Gatsby’s car and the blame is on him. In the end, Daisy does not choose Gatsby because she would rather have her life with her husband and Gatsby is heartbroken. Myrtle’s husband, not knowing it was Daisy, seeks revenge on Gatsby for what happened to Myrtle and kills him.

The only person who even shows up at the funeral is Nick, showing how no matter how many people knew Gatsby or went to his parties, it was all superficial and Nick was the only real friend Gatsby had.Fitzgerald expresses the people of the Lost Generation’s views of the world after the war through his novel “The Great Gatsby.”  The story takes place right after the war and the lost generation is expressed through the characters Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, and Daisy Buchanan. Jay Gatsby actually  sees himself with Daisy Buchanan, but does not get her in the end. He lives in his own fantasy world where he lives the life of the rich and all for his obsession to be with a woman who does not feel the same. Daisy did love Gatsby at one point in her life and wishes she could go back in time, but what’s stopping her is the reality that she is already married to a rich man and has a family. Jay and Daisy symbolize the delusion and hope versus the reality.

Nick is the symbol of people from the lost generation. He is disoriented and doesn’t know his place in the world. All he does is stand around watching of all the tragedy around him.

In “The Sun Also Rises,” it begins after World War I with Jake Barnes, the narrator, describing his friend, Robert Cohn. Things we learn about Cohn are that he went through multiple tragedies, one being that his wife left him. The female character, Brett, and Jake are actually in love. Jake and his friends live a life style of nightclubs and drinking. However because of a mysterious injury that left Jake impotent, they can not be together.

Jake and his friends live a life style of nightclubs and drinking. Cohn develops feelings for Brett, and although Brett is not entirely impressed by him, they take a secret trip to San Sebastian together. Cohn already has a girlfriend but eventually plans to leave her for Brett, but sadly for him, Brett is already engaged to man named Mike. A friend of Jake’s, Bill, comes back to Paris and they get an idea that everyone should take a trip to Pamplona for bullfighting and fishing. Jake and Bill have a peaceful time fishing but when they get back to everyone for the bullfights, things get a bit dramatic.

Brett has an affair with one of the bullfighters, Romero. Cohn lets his feelings get in the way and eventually ends up in a fight with Romero. After everything calms down, Jake decides he needs some alone time and goes to San Sebastian and plans to stay there for a while. However he receives telegrams from Brett and meets her in Madrid where she explains her situation and how she left Romero. This is where they make their final decision that could never been together even if they wanted to. This story was told after World War I, and just like many people of the lost generation, the characters were all affected by it in their own way.

The character’s party and drinking habits were all to demonstrate their ways of avoiding the effects the war actually had on them. Just like many others, Jake was a veteran, and was affected by the war and felt broken and lost in the world. All the characters in the story, especially Brett could not maintain a relationship, which represents the writers’ and many others from this generation’s value of dropping old values and just picking up new ones.

The war cost the loss for characters physically and mentally. The characters really were a bunch of lost people who didn’t know their place in the world anymore. The war broke these people and led them to a life full of nothing. The whole story plot itself was just a bunch of people stirring up drama back and forth, not know their place and having no values for a relationship. The entire adventurous back and forth of fighting over Brett, eventually lead to nothing, no one got the girl. That, in its own way, was the lost generation.

All the comotion with no reason behind it. Both The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises gave a great examples of what the lost generation was. People were “lost”  the world, and how they didn’t fit in anymore or know where they belonged. These stories represented and explained the effects the war had on people. Being that they were told in first person also allows the reader to know how the author truly felt. People lost their values and hopes.

Everything felt like nothing to most of these people, they felt nothing. It was like there was no reason of why they were even living. Both books also show how these damaged people managed, with partying and lots of alcohol. The lavish parties in The Great Gatsby and the fun partying adventures characters had in The Sun Also Rises were ways to cope with the fact that they were clueless on what to do in life.

Something good that came out of this time was that women were becoming more independent. In both books, women weren’t just seen as baby makers or someone’s wife. In a way the lost generation suffered from a type of PTSD, left confused in the world.

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