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Last updated: September 25, 2019

 The Indian market has a large number ofpayroll service providers and the number keeps increasing. Given the number ofoptions, it can be difficult to finalize one.

The following criteria may helpyou eliminate the poor service providers from the elite. User Experience: Many companies go for a payroll software butdue to poor user experience, this adoption becomes yet another failedexperiment. Having failed once, the company may get vary of going for anothersoftware When you go for a payroll serviceprovider, you can rest assured that user experience is their topmost priority. They take utmost care to make sure that the entire process ishassle-free and accurate. By leveraging their expertise, companies can makesure that all payroll related activities will be done on time. Security: Security is actually a top criteria when itcomes to outsourcing payroll services.

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Competent serviceproviders make it a priority to completely manage security and privacy of theirclient’s employee data. If you have concerns about your employee informationresiding in third party servers, make sure you choose the right vendor so thatall your concerns are alleviated. Quality vs Quantity:The problems with some companies is that theyevaluate how many services are bundled up with one service instead of firstdetermining the quality of the primary service.

Thus be wary of vendors whoboasts of a laundry list. Instead look at the depth and usefulness of each ofthe functions provided and then decide if you have all that you need or mayeventually need in the future. Demo & Trial: The best way to determine a company performsis by asking them for a demo or a trial. Carry out a sample payroll and thendecide if it fits in line with your expectations.

 Technical expertise: If possible, find out if the service providerhas a team of technical experts. These services typically need to keep up withtechnical advancements, thus there is a need for a strong tech team backing it. Regardless of the size of your organization,you got various mandatory statutory compliance initiatives to take andobligations to fulfill every month. Simply by adding the “Paysquare Advantage”,your company’s statutory compliance management rests in the hands of industryexperts! Your access to this unique ‘Advantage’ is quite easy. You just have toget on Paysquare website and inform them about your interest. You got host ofattributes by hiring Paysquare and are preordained to explore the best legalcompliance services in Pune. Here is a snapshot of the mostpromising features of Paysquare’s services: ?    Large gamut of services – rightfrom your company’s registration at various government offices for taxation,employment liabilities, employee welfare schemes, etc to managing other legalobligations such as nomination, registration, employee pension, etc.

?    Preparation and submission ofvarious taxation reports on stipulated time.?    Liaising with different governmentofficials.?    Computation and deduction ofstatutory payments like PF, ESIC, TDS, ET.?    Collection of all valid documentsand investment declaration from employees.?    Tax calculation and filing at therespective government offices.

 Precisely, when highest level of expertise inall types of statutory compliance and a committed team for its management comesto you so handy, it is more than worthwhile for your business.Given the sensitized approach towards legalcompliance, you need these services wherever you are – be it in Pune orelsewhere!  

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