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Last updated: December 29, 2019

The results proposea twofold framework for the grouping of nanomaterials related tohealth/medicine, using the nanomaterials discussed in the previous chapters.This framework can serve as a prototype for an effective nanomaterial groupingprocess that paves the way for better use of available information on nanomaterials.

As a first step, nanomaterials are grouped based on health-related andenvironmentally friendly applications. Following that, their toxicity andassociated risks are researched in order to group them based on behavior andadverse effects on either health or environment. Thegrouping based on applications and toxicity information reveals that althoughmost of them, as identified from a USPTO and EPO patent search, range betweenvery-low -to-moderate risk, there are some that can pose very high risks, maycause cancer, or be toxic when inhaled/digested or released in aquaticenvironment.

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It is noteworthy that there are so many different classificationsand that some MSDS are not properly updated to reflect these classifications,which poses another subject for discussion. Three different classificationssystems were utilized for maximum coverage, along with a literature review ofthe nanomaterials’ effects. The resultshave indicated that nanomaterials can impact health- related applications, whileat the same time also have environmental- friendly uses. Moreover, the findingsof this analysis reveal that the same material that can be extremely helpfuland useful for certain applications, can also cause harm or death, if exposedunder specific circumstances. The risk analysis validated the impression thatthere is an apparent lack of research on these risks, which calls for a moreorganized approach, initially focusing on those materials that have beencategorized as high and very high risk, and then moving on to the remainingcategories.

Better regulation of nanomaterials should become a priority,considering the multiple applications of these materials and the kind of effectthey can have in a multitude of fields. 

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