The unite people of different cultural backgrounds”. The

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Last updated: April 21, 2019

The ministry of culture has conceptualized seven days National Cultural Fest(Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahotsav) in various parts of India. Mangaluru is the last hosting stage forthis event at Nehru Maiden on 19 and 20 January 2018.The main Moto of Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahostav is to maintain the historic sites and oldmonuments and the promotion of visual and art performance entering into various culturalagreements with foreign countries. This cultural festival consisted more than 400 artistsfrom 26 states who performed various dance forms, music, art, food, handicraft etc, ofwhich 23 states performed cultural programmes, 5 states exhibited their traditional foodfest.MP Nalin Kumar Kateel inaugurated this function under the principle of “Ek BharathShreshta Bharat”. He said “India is conjuncture of culture, which worships its art form andis known for its strength to unite people of different cultural backgrounds”.

The Ministry ofCulture Director Dr. Sajith E. N and Deputy Director Joseph D were also present on thedais.The Ministry of Culture celebrated its 3rd anniversary in the form of cultural fest inMangaluru, which was a main attraction like other fest that were held at Delhi, North East,Gujarat, Bengaluru, Mangaluru etc. The Union Minister of State for Culture andEnvironment, Dr.

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Mahesh Sharma and the Union Minister for Chemicals and Fertilisersand Parliamentary Affairs, Shri Ananth Kumar inaugurated this years National CulturalFest in Bangaluru at Jnana Jyothi Auditorium on 14th January, 2018.The Rashtriya Sanskriti Mahostav projected different art forms of folk, tribal, classic by26 teams. On Friday, 13 teams performed various forms of art like Haryana’s Ghoomer,Chattisgarh’s Kaksar Nirtya, Uttarakhand’s Thadiya Chapeli, Orissa’s Sambalpuri, Goa’sHorse Riding, Kashmir’s Rouff, Karnataka’s Dollu, Rajasthan’s Kalbelia and Tamil Nadu’sAadimeleum etc. The main Moto of the fest was to highlight the importance of Indianculture.The seven days cultural fest was organised in three different places of Karnataka, whichwhere Bengaluru, Hubbali and Mangaluru respectively. Every year the Ministry of Cultureorganises programmes in different states, exhibiting different culture, craft and art ofselected states.

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