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The URR Process Name: Course: Date: The URR Process The Walden University Research review is the process that is used to validate the credibility of student research at the university.

Its main aim is to ensure that students come up with quality research papers. The process provides the student with support as he/she proceeds with their research work. It consists of a committee that provides the student with assistance during his/her project. Unlike the single review provided by other universities at the end of a research, Walden’s URR strives to provide guidance and support throughout the process of the research. This process begins with the research proposal and proceeds until the end of the study.

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The URR process involves three sets of reviews on students’ research projects. It reviews a student’s proposal, the final research study and then forwards the abstract to the chief academic officer (Milanesi 2012). The review committee conducts an intensive review of the student’s research proposal to ensure that the study is founded on a firm and viable base, which can be effectively pursued (Milanesi 2012). The review of the research proposal involves three key steps. The first one is the intensive review of the literature review of the proposal. This enables the University Research Reviewer to ascertain whether the student is on track concerning the study he/she wants to conduct and whether the knowledge they have is sufficient to build a credible research topic. The second step involves ensuring that the proposal contains a clear and attainable research question.

The research question indicates the purpose of the study, the URR makes sure the research question suits the literature and defines the research one wants to undertake. The third part of this review involves making sure that the methods the researcher proposes to use in data collection and analysis are suitable for the research topic. There are several ways to ensure that the University research reviewer accepts the research proposal in the first instance. The first way is to make sure that the literature review is accurate and precise (Taylor 2012). The literature review should be the product of an extensive literature search. The literature review enables one to seek information on their topic of interest and helps to identify shortcomings in your area of research.

To make it appealing to the URR, one must make sure it relates to the study topic, the information should be summarized. The researcher must identify the weaknesses of the literature and show areas that require further research. Second, the researcher should ensure that the research question of the study is relevant, clearly depicts the problem he/she is trying to solve and can be critically explored.

The answer to the research question always forms the thesis of the research paper (Research methodology 2012). The last part of the proposal that the researcher must be keen on is the outline of the methods he/she intends to apply in collecting and analyzing data. The methods the researcher highlights in his/her proposal should suit the study. These methods should befit the kind of data to be collected, the variable (s) and the mode of collection. Having a clear and concise literature review, research question and a suitable methodological framework for the research will make your paper pass the URR process. A researcher who considers the above issues will convince the URR that their proposal meets the quality threshold of the institution. The above steps enable the researcher to come up with a standard research proposal that will appeal to the URR. After the URR checks the proposal and verifies that the literature review, the research question and the methodology proposed are in order the researcher can now proceed with his study.

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