The Uses of Technology

Professor Perkins Brittany Burgess The use of Technology Essay Many professors gripe when they see the use of technology used inside of their classroom, viewing the use of such devices as ultimately disrespectful. Yet, Technology in the classroom is very beneficial to students as well as for the Professor. Hand held technology can be an effective and progressive way to engage learning. Even thou technology may be come distractive for some students, teachers will need to explain and enforce consequences when the rules for using handheld devices are broken.

The use of technology in the classroom, particularly the use of computers, greatly enhances the student’s motivation to learn. Technology should be used because it will benefit students in the long run. They will be very successful in their work field because they have now developed great technology skills since they used it throughout school. Now the negative effects of the use of technology inside of the classroom is that students tend to not stay focused when they have a cellphone or laptop in their hands. Technology can easily be overused within the classroom, and his can cause negative effects on the entire learning experience.

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Some of these effects are already seen from student texting and internet usage. The use of technology can also increase the amount of plagiarism used. Overall there are negative and positive effects of technology. Technology in the workplace has some positive effects. Technology has changed the way people do things in the workplace because companies need to achieve better efficiency to deliver more products to the consumers. Workers also get the Job done much faster with the use of technology. “Technology in the office can have many enefits.

It can help to make a business look more professional, as it is better able to deal with telephone and online enquiries and has the ability to produce more professional results using IT. Technology can also help to make the office more efficient, as employees have access to computer systems and templates that enable them to produce work more efficiently. They can also save time by using efficient telephone transfer systems. ” There are also negative effects of technology in the work place. Technology can cause distractions to employers.

The use of social networks can distract the workers nd work will not get done as fast as it should. Some companies have to block these sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and YouTube because of the distractions that they can create. Technology in the workplace can create a high maintenance cost. It is already expensive to buy technology, but it’s even more to fix something if it’s broken. If companies have broken computers then the cost of their business will go down because their computers would be moving a lot slower for them to get a lot done. Finally technology is bad in the work place because it is very risky.

There are a ot of hackers in the world that know how to easily get into a business’s data system and steal all of their information. Overall there are negative and positive ettects ot technology in the world trom school to the workplace. Communication technology has come a long way and its only getting better. People should take advantage of the technology that we have today. If a person feels that technology improves and helps them then they should us it. I personally believe that we should use technology in everything that we do because it helps me. People are entitles to their own opinion.


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