The very good way to makepluripotent stem cell

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Last updated: July 19, 2019

The topic of whether or not we should use stem cells has become a huge debate, as you knowstem cells are the building blocks of every organ and tissue in our body and it can be used tocure/ treat a clear majority of blood and bone marrow diseases, blood cancer, and immunedisorders. To put it in another words, blood cells and umbilical cord stem cells have been usedto treat some of the same blood-based diseases that exists.

It is used for science and fortreating disabilities but people have different opinions to this and the main question remainsas “Should we use Stem cells?”Most people like the idea of transplanting/ using stem cells for science. They have beendivided into 3 cell groups; embryotic stem cells, they can differentiate the different types ofspecialised cell in the body; Pluripotent stem cell, generate from the programmed cells; Adultstem cells, are multipotent. The stem cells can also be specified into: nerve, cardiac, musclecell, and liver cells that make tissues that later is formed into organs.

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One reason thatresearches are very interested in studying them is that they are a very good way to makepluripotent stem cell lines that are specified for a disease. Stem cells can be separated from fatcell and put into a machine where force separates the stem cells from the fat, by using thismethod a lot of diseases can be cured such as: stroke consequences, heart attackconsequences, and immunity boosts. Stem cells can develop, also known as divide, itself into200 different types of cells in the body when given sufficient and necessary stimulation for aspecific cell type. While a lot of people agree that using stem cells is a fantastic thing, others say that it’sdangerous and that it shouldn’t be allowed to be studied. People think that taking stem cellsfrom a donor’s body to be studied Is not a clean nor a pleasant thing to do. Identifying,isolating and growing the right kind of stem cell is a difficult process and if not donecorrectly, when put into the human body it can affect the patient who can get an allergicreaction if the body rejects the stem cells.People don’t like the idea of a Scientific project that will help people in need that costs a lot,in American clinics they charge approximately $10,000 per treatment.

Adult or somatic stemcells exist throughout the body after embryonic development and are found inside of differenttypes of tissue. These stem cells have been found in tissues such as the brain, bone marrow,blood, blood vessels, skeletal muscles, skin, and the liver, but people find the idea of usingthese unsanitising.Fun fact: your human intestine replaces the lining every 4 days, stem cells transplants are thebest way to multiply your blood cells so that your body can have a higher chance ofrecovering faster, scientist don’t only want to specialise medicine for your body but alsofigure out how your body works.Stem cells can be used to cure: traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’sdisease, missing teeth, wound healing, Bone marrow transplantation, Spinal cord injury,Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis (inner elbow), muscular dystrophy, and many otherdiseases.

If you think about it stem cells could probably be used to treat many more illnessesin the future if scientists keep researching about it.

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