“The way is without enemies”. Daisy Bates was

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“The man who never makes a mistake always takes orders from one who does no man or woman who tries to pursue an ideal in his or her own way is without enemies”. Daisy Bates was hero for what she did. She convinced and made it work where black students and white students could go to the same school.

She had  made the very first ever school that had mixed colors together at the same school. Bates had said that she refused to accept her assigned place in society and she was going to do something about it but not only did she do that on her own and accomplished it. She then had to deal with her own rough childhood where she had to do mainly everything on her own she did not have her real mother  take care of her besides her biological mom which died and her dad left her for his own safety. Bates is one the most memorable person because of what she did and now and everyone may not think of her when they see schools with mixed students but that’s how it became to be.

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Bates is not only an African-American Civil Rights newspaper publisher but she is a hero who had an unequal horrible childhood with her parents and other things but she still manages to help 9 African-American Students to go to an all white student school. Her childhood was nowhere near as good as some of our childhoods. It was not just bad but it was cruel. Bates had to have her  biological mother to take care of her for a while and not her real mother because she was sexually assaulted and murdered by three white men. But however, her biological mother had  got raped and murdered and dumped into a local pond by white men. Then her father gave her away and then left for his safety but then eventually came back and reclaimed her. On top of all that she did not go to school for 8th grade she could not have either of her mothers nor her dad to teach her so she self-taught 8th grade.

  (“Daisy Bates first lady of little rock”). When Bates got much older she got married L.C in 1940s and they moved to little rock Arkansas. together they operated the Arkansas state press a newspaper place. Then L.

C and Bates divorced on February 1963 but just briefly until July 1936 they remarried. The Bates ended up helping other children so their lives and childhood would not be as bad as hersBates continued her work as a civil rights leader in till she died the next year in 1999. Bates had said one “My life is a secret goal—-to find the man who had done thee awful things to my mother”.

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