The ways. Most of the time, the positive

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Last updated: August 18, 2019

   The advancement of technology has changedthe way people communicate which helped every individual to make morefriendships and stay connected with each other.

Technology has altered people’slifestyle and it is continuously making changes in everyone’s life. In the pasttypes of communications included vocal communication signals, or other methodshave replaced by the modern technology. A lot oftechnology advancement took place in 21st century. It has become animportant part of life. Actually advancement of technology has given the accessto many tools more easily and efficiently.

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Mostly in communication, thetechnology people used to interact with others has advanced to a better level. Withthe invention of telephone by Alexander Graham bell in 19th century distancecouldn’t stop people from getting closer anymore. And then the internet wasdeveloped by making the process of communication easier and even more possible.There are both positiveand negative effects of technological advancement for all humans all around theworld.            New communication technology has affectedpeople in different ways. Most of the time, the positive side of the technologypeople gets tons of benefits and take the maximum use of technology to communicate.

In earlier times, the communication is way different than today’s technology. Peoplehad a few methods to communicate with others. Nowadays the communicationtechnology has improved and it has changed the way of communication for all. Actuallyfor example a person who live far from his family and his friends and he cancommunicate with them any time and stay connected with them by the use of technology.As internet is a free tool people use it frequently to communicate. They are onlinenetworking websites like Facebook and Twitter which have become the mostpopular for instant communication. These websites give the opportunity to connectwith family, friends and others even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Communicationthrough the internet helps to expand the social circle. It brings peopletogether in different physical appearance, cultures, countries and who speakdifferent languages also. Mostly advancement of technology makes life easier foreveryone and improves ability to communicate.          There is a negative side of thetechnological advancement as well. People might face a lot of difficultieswhile communicating with the use of advanced technology.

Indeed, the advancedtechnology promotes bulling and stalking. When communicating through technologypeople don’t speak or share ideas face to face, so that some may find it easyto insult or threat others by messages or calls. Actually mobile phones have alot of beneficial for communication purposes but they are responsible for a lotof problems.

Usually people use mobile phones to call or text when they aredriving which causes to car crashes. Using advanced technology devices likemobile phones may give some health problems as well. High usage of mobilephones may effect on the sleep patterns. Especially, younger age people usemobile phone at night without sleeping.

It increases the stress levels. Andalso it increases the risk of getting eyesight problems. Issues in advancetechnology create barriers between people and may make anxiety problems incommunicating by the use of technology.           People are more excited about usingthe advanced technology because they love to use new technologies andcommunicate with others using new features.

It can be used by every person.People always like to have new experience and talk to new people all aroundworld and build new friendships. The new technology has made the communicationcheap and effective. 

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