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    The supervisors must have some objectives toachieve. They cannot sketch everything in advance. Several times he has respondto the needs of the circumstances which has arisen suddenly.

The supervisormust also be able to have qualities such as being committed, having amissionary zeal, taking responsibility instead of fleeting the blame to others.he should be creative, It means that thesupervisor must have the ability to come  with new responses to situations. he shouldhave new ideas and also should be able to recognize a good idea when it comesfrom another sourcesHe should be the alpha ofhis team. he should be aspiring about his task and overseeing quality.Heshould not be so sensitive with his team. The supervisor works insituations which involve authority, leadership, meeting targets and deadlines,conflicts etc .

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They takeresponsibility for the rightness of what is learned, and should not be dependenton others .He should have basicknowledge, Whatever the supervisor does is affected by their ownview of their job and role, objectives, strengths and weaknesses etcAcourthouse hotel supervisor should indulge in some activities with his team sohe can know what going on. He should possess productive knowledge so that theteam gets also benefitted with that knowledge.  If the downfall of the courthouse hotelhappened there must be some reason, and this reason not only affected the hotelbut also affected his team in a negative way. A triumphant supervisor should beable to sustain emotional balance and self-control so that they may facevarious situations confidently and successfully. He should be active at every moment. Effective supervisors areindependent as learners.  A Supervisor plays a vital role in making ahotel flourishing.

And a good supervisor knows what is going in theirorganisation. In a courthouse hotel, it is important for a supervisor tomaintain contact with his team; he should posse’s leadership quality. . Heshould learn throughout his day.

. So he must be aware of these attributes. Hence the supervisor mustdevelop skills of looking at himself critically.SUPERVISORROLES AND PERSONAL SKILLS In this report we will convey the scenario of the casestudy. We will be conveying why the downfall of the courthouse happened.

Thecourthouse hotel is in the centre of the city and is fighting with other hotelsto gain popularity as these hotels are privately owned by well knowninternational chains. As these chains are building stronger market in oursociety, the court house hotel is trailing its income margin. In this casestudy we would be discussing about what happened in the past and what safetymeasure should be taken to bring the legacy of the courthouse hotel back. Thecourt house mainly focuses on commercial people as they quite often visit thisplace. we would investigate what should be changed and what should themanagement do to regain their fame and to keep the clients visiting thecourthouse hotel regularly.

Lastly we would be writing all the precautions andhow the bond between the management and the staffs should be built to avoidmishaps.INTODUCTION

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