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Last updated: September 16, 2019

The feminist approach is to support the equality for men andwomen in order to strive for gender equality; this means that both gendersshould have the same rights and opportunities as each other without conflict.  Feminist have agreed that gender is sociallyconstructed meaning that gender roles are learnt rather than determined bybiology, in the family this is where the appropriate roles and norms ofbehaviour are  performed (Thompson, 2014).Feminism of all types have argued that the family is a patriarchal institutionwhich the male holds the primary power and is predominate in roles as they holdauthority over women and children (Patriarchal society, 2006) which can becompletely different when it is put into practice.  Feminism argues that the nuclear family can oppress womeninto accepting the typical house wife role as it is the only acceptable rolefor women according to Thompson (2014), this is can be deemed as a stereotypeas not all women are house wives and are happy to be breadwinners of the familybut in society men are always put forward to be the breadwinners as they areseen as the more dominate gender according to feminists as they tend to makeall the key financial decisions.

This is also shown with the gender pay gap assome careers pay men more than women because they are seen as “better” at theirjob due to the opportunities that are handed to them, whereas women havelifestyle changes which require them to take time off depending on the change. “Marriedwomen become economically dependent on their husbands especially as oncechildren arrive (Thompson, 2014)” this happens as women have to give upemployment formally known as maternity leave in order to look after children sothat they have the best upbringing while the men are at work which allows themto set the agenda of the family and allows them to progress further in theircareer due to not having time off. Although women have paid employment even ifit is less paid than men they still undertake household tasks meaning womenstill have responsibilities in and out of the home this is called the triple shift (Duncombe and Marsden (1995) which can becometiring as house work can be tough, unrewarding and demanding by men as theygain the most free labour. As well as the tough housework and day they have hadfrom work women still have the responsibility of looking after the children andmaking sure they are the first priority so that they do not go without.

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