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The idea and story of heroes are introducedto humans at a very early stage of our life, often as fictional and anecdotalcharacters, however as kids become more established their views of heroes differ.The traits and qualities that a hero possess is often influenced by the contextof which the hero is made around, often based around specific cultures,languages, ideas and societies. Beowulf is frequently alluded to as the firstimperative literature piece in English history, despite the fact that it wascomposed in Old English, an antiquated form of dialect that gradually developedinto the English we now know.

In contrast to current English, Old English isintensely Germanic based, with little impact from Latin or French. As Englishhistory gradually expanded, after the French Normans took over the Anglo-Saxonsin 1066, Old English was step by step widened by offerings from those dialects.Therefore, as a result, present day English is formed of many origins, thusmaking its vocabulary rich with synonyms. In the epic poem, Beowulf, the protagonistis perceived to be a hero. Beowulf, an agnostic warrior and the protagonist ofthe poem, demonstrates certain qualities a hero would possess, such as but notlimited; to courage, steadfastness, and liberality, all of which depict him tobe a hero.

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Present day heroes, seen in various forms of literature amongst us, possessimilar indistinguishable qualities as Beowulf.

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