The Wife’s Story

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: The Wife’s Story Thesis: Appearances can be illusory, and things are not always what they appear to be. Site of author information < http://www.> The Wife’s Story is a story about a werewolf. The author has told it in such a way that the reader thinks that a human is telling the story. The wife talks about how she first met the husband, and what attracted her to him. She liked the fact that he was gentle, congenial with his family, and he did not take things hard even of they did not go his way. Living together enabled her to know him better and adore him more, and she describes some of the aspects she liked about him, such as the fact that he was an industrious individual, fine looking, had a beautiful voice, and the rest looked up to him despite his young age. She then gives some details about her own family, such as the fact that she had a sister and that her parents had moved out of the house consequently leaving it to them.

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It is clear that she loves her sister because they were close, and her sister helped her overcome her problem. She recounts how she began noticing changes in him, and how her child began fearing him. She then tells of her shock and horror when she discovered that her husband was a werewolf who turned into a man during the day. She finishes the story by describing how she had to call the rest of the pack to help her, and how he watched the dead man hoping that he would turn back into the husband she knew. Deception is the main theme in the story. The author shows that things are not always what they appear to be. The wife learns of the true identity of her husband some time later after she has lived with him and has had his children. The author communicates this theme by narrating how the husband did things differently, and how he was able to hide his true intentions and identity from his family.

She is able to do this through foreshadowing, which enables the wife to give certain clues about her husband. The author chooses not to communicate the theme plainly in order to add suspense to the story, and to evoke the reader’s imagination. The reader is forced to read the story another time, and to think about it more deeply in order to get the entire plot and to relate the events as they happen.

The author has added a twist to what appears to be an ordinary story. She has given human qualities to a wolf, and this has enabled her to describe the events of the story in a way that a person understands. Through the story, a person is forced to think more intensely about some of the things described, such as the husband hunting and the rest of the characters sleeping during the day. The author uses the story to show that appearances can be deceiving, and that one should indubitably aim to find out the real identity of a person before committing himself to that individual. In addition, the author uses the story to show that human do not always make the right decisions using animals.

Sometimes animals are forced to attack people only as a way of defending their families. Work Cited Gloss, Molly. Ursula K.

Le Guin (1929 -). Oregon Encyclopedia. Web. 2013.

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