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The satisfactionobtained from improving an individual’s health is what inspires me to become adoctor. The interactive nature of medicine combined with the application ofscience is what strengthens my decision. From what I haveseen during my 4-weeks voluntary work at the Specialty Hospital in Amman,Jordan, Medicine is a tough career. I was then only 16 at the time, and thedoctors wondered why I was taking that voluntary job. That was anopportunity to observe and speak to doctors regarding a medical career. Whilstfleeting, my visits to the hospital departments highlighted the variety anddiversity of the fascinating specialties medicine encompasses.

Dr. Masharawy, a Cardiologist entrusted me totranslate some of the medical reports to his patients from English into Arabic.Before the translation, I had to understand what was scripted in those reports.The explanations I heard from this Cardiologist before conducting thetranslation, was a memorable medical education.During my volunteering 4-weeks, I hada superb opportunity to observe medicine from another dimension. I observed theward rounds, an MRI scan, and an endoscopy clinic, all of which I foundinteresting.

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I spent most of the time with the hematology team, and cardiologyteam. Thanks to Dr. Masharawy, that Cardiology became one of mysupreme interests, and it was captivating that I could see the specialty from amore complex side than the AS biology course.Throughout those 4-weeks, I was able to expand my communicationskills and confidence in engaging with patients and doctors. That shortexperience ignited my interest in the medical career. In spite thefact that I enjoyed the 4-weeks, it was at times tremendously heart-rending. I was able to get near to many of the terminally sick patients,helping to make a difference, caring and feeling for them to raise their spirits.

The ease,with which the specialists broached and managed the delicate subject matter, emphasized the significance of a warm, amicable approach and the capability tocommunicate inside the level of understanding of their patients.I participated in acamp for a week. The challenging conditions demanded teamwork and trust toperform effectively as a group. I was able to gain first aidqualifications.

.. This experience was priceless, not only in terms of myfuture medical career but also in terms of developing leadership and creativethinking skills. We learned how to handle an emergency case; we weretaught how to work together as a team. Consequently, my planned journey towardsmedical school will remain alive.All my knowledge andpractice has made me more determined to accomplish my ambition and aspirationto become a doctor.

 Other activities I enjoy include astronomy – I was theleader of our team. We participated in Qatar National Astronomy Olympiad. Myproject was helpful in winning the Olympiad.My love of science andaspiration for a medical career is reflected in my AS-Level choices where goodtime management, self-motivated studying skills and ability to cope with stressand pressure are essential. Biology and chemistry have helped me further myinterest and develop my analytical skills; Mathematics helped myproblem-solving skills and working logically, while physics underpinned myscientific analysis and crucial understanding.As I grew older, Iconsidered restraining my dream of becoming a doctor.

In addition to theunceasing encouragement of my academic advisor, and my friends, I startedlooking at the requirements of the universities and what qualities do a doctorhas to have and the results were promising.Looking back, Ibelieve the personal qualities I have developed through my career may help mebecome a good doctor. During my free time, I enjoy reading and sports includingbasketball and cricket, for which I was captain of the school team, improvingmy leadership skills.I know that medicinewill be in no way, shape or form that impressive source of pain-free income itis frequently seen to be. I recognize that the working hours are long and it ispossibly introverted and that the career can be physically debilitating andsincerely depleting.

It is clear that getting to be a surgeon includesinalienable sacrifice. However, for me, becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon ismoreover a profoundly satisfying and captivating career way. I need to be aspecialist since my energy and inclination is first logical and to me, 5 or 6years more of formal studying followed by a lifetime of encouraging learningsounds like a fortifying career choice.  Significantly, I know I have the eagerness, and capacity for hard work, furthermore the open and inquiring brain that ought to guarantee victory in such a gratifying vocation.As a socialindividual, I might relish a vocation requiring the improvement of solid empathicassociations and connection with my patients.

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