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Last updated: April 26, 2019

The intelligent transport system (ITS) came as a solution to different transportation problems, such as traffic congestion, which has increased around the world Motorization, urbanization, population growth and change in population density. Traffic jams reduce efficiency or transport Infrastructure and travel time, air pollution and fuel Consumption Now the development of roads has created a new day Devastation that led to an increase in accidents throughout the World, to overcome that problem, smart transport systems are a good alternative. In addition to ITS, we proposed the use of the Game Theory model as an optimization tool -regulating transport flow- and as decisions making utensil, helping in the resolution of ideal ways to transport our unitary components (Parcels). The Game theory is the study of mathematical models of negotiation, conflict, cooperation between individuals, and strategic interaction between rational and irrational agents. Its aim is to justify and deduct decision making by individuals, dealing with the analysis of competitive situations in which the outcome of the participants critically depends on the actions of other participants. The study has direct applications in the theory of contracts, economics, sociology and psychology. The main interest of this paper is to discuss the theory’s implementation in the Smart Transportation system (ITS), which is the application of different optimization tools such as sensing, analysis, control and communications technologies as a method of making transportation systems more safe and efficient.

The approach can be obtained embracing IoT and smart vehicles innovations, but the benefits of mathematical models implementation, such as the Game theory can allow optimizing transportation systems without the need for advanced technologies, which makes it more applicable and efficient on an applicative level. The distribution of parcels must also innovate to perpetuate and make sustainable its presence in cities and to adapt to an urban environment of increasing complexity. In Indeed, this activity, although essential to urban life, is singled out in the activity of intelligent transport and more specifically the smart transportation of parcels in the city, for its spatial footprint and its negative externalities, Increasingly visible in the cities through the numerous deliveries and the multiplication of delivery vehicles. This context explains in particular that the transport of goods in the city has made the object of a new and growing interest, along with a rediscovery of this subject by research. He gradually becomes a central element of urban management and a lever for planning urban space in the same way transport or urban planning.

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