The women. UN women was founded in July

organization that I chose is the United Nation. The specific actor is the UN
women. UN women was founded in July 2010. Their purpose is entity for gender
equality and the empowerment of women. The reason was I chose this specific
actor was because of a video that I saw few years ago. It was a short video
clip where Emma Watson was giving a speech at a special event for ‘HeForShe’
campaign in the United Nations Headquarters. The speech was about trying to end
gender inequality and move towards gender equality. She also talked about
feminism and gave definition (The belief that men and women should have equal
rights and opportunities. It is the theory of the political, economic and
social equality of the sexes”).  Emma
Watson also mentioned that women should be paid as much as the men and they
should be able to make the right decision about their own body, and to be
involved in the policies and decision making. However, she said that “sadly I
can say that there is no country in the world where all women can expect to
receive these rights”. Her speech about moving towards equality between women
and men has interested me to think more about how to improve the women/girl’s
status in countries where their status is really low compared to men.

project that planning has its theme based on improving female education. Which
color do you think is the female rate of attending the secondary education from
2008 to 2012? The answer is blue. This can also show gender stereotypes, as
most people might think that pink is the color for females. The reason why I’m
showing this statistic is that female students has the similar rate of
attending primary school. However, there is difference between secondary school
attending rate so our purpose also involves female students to also attend
secondary schools for their rights to learn. The main objective of this project
is to build an elementary school in country where the women’s status is low.

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This is to protect the rights for the women/girls to learn and gain knowledge.

I believe that education is an important factor that could improve the status
of women. This is because this even affects the social status of women and
realizing how they are suffering from the gender inequality. If they don’t know
about this then women would not know whether the things that they gone through
is wrong and shouldn’t happen. Since elementary schools’ education is
fundamental, I believe it is important to build elementary first. The location
where I will start this
project is India. As many people might
know India is one of the country where women’s status is low. From now one I
would like to explain more about women in India. When we search up news for
women in India, we can find news about women getting rapped, rape between wife
and husband and marriage bride price. Also, the mean age of women getting
married in rural areas are 22 years old, which is quite young. There are some
examples of this, according to CNN it is stated that bride price is huge burden
for women in the India as they might have to pay their families whole wealth,
property. Due to the issue of bride price as many as one hundred thousand
females are getting murdered. Also, because of violence such as family violence
and rape 2 million female lose their life annually. Furthermore, there are
cases where people get abortion due to the reason they are pregnant with female
baby. A women named ???? married at an age of 12 with a guy who is 15 years
older than her. This marriage was not done by her own will she was forced to
marry him. When she got pregnant and when the baby’s gender was found to be
female she got abortion. This did not happen once it happened four times as she
kept being pregnant with female baby. Now she is taking care of one month old
female baby but her husband’s families are saying that they should get rid of
the baby. For other examples, young females get kidnapped and be sold to single
males and they are forced to marry them or they are treated as slaves. According
to a human trafficker one girl is sold at the price of 1000 dollars.

To reduce the amount of number our
project will be conducted.

The period of
this project will be 3 months to 6 months. This is because it normally takes up
to 3 months to build a new school. The main goal of this project is to provide
an environment where female students can study equally as the male students. The
next process after building the school, it will take time to find volunteers to
work in this school to teach the students.  Also, I think the male and female students
should have separated class. Since there is still discrimination occurring
between male and female. Furthermore, female students should have classes that
can help them feel or understand the difference between sex and gender. The
gender restriction form by stereotypes. For older students such as students
from grade 5~6, teach them more about Women’s studies, examine how categories of identity
(e.g. race, class,gender,age, ability, etc.) and structures of inequality are
mutually constituted and must continually be understood in relationship to one
another. Also, teach them about contraception to protect their body in early
ages. Last but not least, the school should hire counselor. Students should be
able to get counseling about gender responsiveness contribute to
institutionalizing gender mainstreaming in education system and also to
achieve/promote further gender equality in progress of learning. The counselor can also help with
metal issues such as depression. Lastly, through counseling we can know or
understand student’s thought how they feel about the discrimination between
gender and violence.

conclusion, through our project we aim to raise awareness of how much they are
suppressed by the society and couldn’t expand their ability. By this project of
constructing the schools we hope that students could jump out from the norm of
the gender formed by the society and lead towards the gender equality.










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