The Writing Process

The Writing Process Name: Course: Date: The Writing Process The 6+1 writing traits system provides instructors and students with an opportunity for communication through a common language about the various characteristics of writing, thus establishing a precise view of good writing. Step:Details :IdeasIn writing, the ideas are termed as the content of a piece of writing. The main ideas and themes are supported through the elaboration of the main ideas through writing. The supporting ideas are used to enhance a theme and enrich that theme for clarity of the writing. As a writer, one is tasked with the identification of ideas that are essential, informative and interesting (Culham, 2007). In writing, one is tasked with the inclusion of new facts and information. This is because new information is captivating and engaging to the reader.

Hence, a writer is not supposed to provide readers with information that they already know. For instance, in writing, one should provide readers with rare and unknown facts as to an incident, which makes information captivating as compared to already known ideas and information. Students should be provided with an opportunity to write about a given topic with the aim of providing independent views and new information (Education Northwest, 2013).OrganizationThe organization is termed as internal structure and layout of the ideas. This includes a provided pattern and sequence of arrangement of ideas.

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Chronological arrangement elicits enthusiasm in the reader to continue with reading the writing. This ensures that connection between the supporting and main ideas. The writing concludes with a connection of all general points from the ideas in writing. Students should be provided with tasks, make arrangement of main ideas and supporting statements and draw up conclusions.

Voice This is termed as the writer’s words and is used to communicate the various ideas that a writer has. This gives the reader a sense of association with the writer’s sentiments such that the reader is captivated and in agreement with the main ideas highlighted in the writing. The writer includes a personal tone to provide distinction of the writing from other pieces of writing. The use of a personal voice is essential as it makes the writing unique from other pieces hence maintaining the interest of the reader (McMahon, Warrick, & Bellamy, 2005).Word ChoiceWord choice is the selection of words and precise language to describe ideas and provide support of such ideas in the piece of writing. Figurative writing includes the use of words, which enrich content such as the use of metaphors, analogies and similes to provide descriptions and convey ideas with precision. Students should be tasked with the use of appropriate words to ensure precision in communication of ideas, needs and expectations. Choices of words determine the various aspects such as the ability of the reader to understand a piece of writing with ease because they determine fluency and chronology in a piece of writing.

Sentence FluencyFluency is usually an indication of chronological arrangement and precise choice of words. This is termed as the rhythmic arrangement of sentences and words. This enhances the flow of language and sound patterns of the words in sentences.

Fluency is exhibited by the lack of awkward patterns and rhythm that inhibit progress of the reader. Sentences vary in length and other elements such as structure and style. Hence, a good sentence should have an appropriate structure, stylistics, and length to ensure that the reader moves with ease through the price. Students should be evaluated in terms of their ability to construct fluent sentences and maintain the meaning of the sentences without alteration of the meaning and fluency of the sentences. This is essential as the reader moves through sentences with ease and understands the sentences easily (Spandel, 2005).ConventionsThis includes the mechanical appropriateness of the writing and is inclusive of five basic elements: capitalization, punctuation, spelling, usage of grammar, and paragraphing of sentences and ideas. This is termed as an analytical trait.

This is whereby grade levels are applied, and individuals in need of skills associated with the various writing conventions. Adherence to the provided conventions ensures that the author provides adequate information about issues in writing. Conventions ensure that there are minimal conflicts in terms of levels of interest among the readers (Bellamy, & Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory, 2005).PresentationThe presentation of information in writing is an inclusion of both visual and textual elements of a theme in writing. This is termed as a means through which a writer presents a message of ideas in writing on paper. Guidelines of presentation usually enhance the attractiveness of a paper. This is aimed at ensuring balance between actual text by the writer within the arrangement of paragraphs and entire sentences. Presentations are usually termed as a means of ensuring that a paper is free from errors and is fairly arranged and dressed.

This usually warrants a high level of de and deserves a high level of appropriate time tunes an equal opportunity among the readers. Reference Bellamy, P., & Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. (2005). Seeing with new eyes: A guidebook on teaching & assessing beginning writers using the 6 + 1 trait writing model. Portland, Ore: Assessment Program, Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory. Culham, R.

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Boston: Pearson Allyn and Bacon.

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