The Xinhai Revolution

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Last updated: November 15, 2019

Political leader Sun Yat-sen once said, “The Revolution has not yet succeeded. Comrades, you must carry on! ” 2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution. Xinhai Revolution began on the October 10, 1911 and ended on February 12, 1912. Different revolutionary organizations were formed to help the Xinhai Revolution, and a lot of people participated in it. Numerous uprisings occurred, and finally, the Chinese achieved their goal, and a new China was formed. The Xinhai Revolution has several aims, such as the overthrown of the Qing dynasty, the abolishment of monarchy, the strengthening of China.Instead of forming a new dynasty, the Chinese united and a republic was established in order to improve their lives.

I believe that the Xinhai Revolution did bring a lot of benefits and changes to China. Firstly, the use of monarchy was abolished. In ancient China, monarchy limited the communication between the Emperor and the citizens. Citizens were hardly able to voice out their opinions or suggestions. Their interests could not be represented either. Also, the Emperor and the bureaucrats decide policies by themselves. There was often unfairness and a lack of transparency in the society.

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For example, as there were often rapacious bureaucrats that bully citizens. The citizens could only bear it, and they could do nothing about it. The Xinhai Revolution introduced the idea of a “republic”. Citizens were able to obtain more freedom, which was a big change.

Also, when a policy was discussed, there would be various viewpoints which allowed further rooms for improvement. Secondly, the Qing dynasty was overthrown due to the Xinhai Revolution. At the time of the event, Qing dynasty was very weak. The Emperors failed to improve the citizen’s lives or quality of live.A lot of people were suffering in pain and agony, wanting to be saved from that torment. Although there were people who died or were injured because of the revolution, the citizens’ suffering was put to a stop. China transformed into a new nation where new systems were established and used. The Xinhai Revolution had undoubtedly brought the Chinese people into a new era.

Furthermore, the Xinhai Revolution could raise the citizen’s awareness of their country. During the revolution, there were hundred thousands of participants.Through different movements and uprisings, they contributed to their country, which improved their unity. On the other hand, we could not deny that the Xinhai Revolution did have space for improvement. For example, the “republic” established was not entirely full of democracy.

Sometimes, there was still a lack of transparency and communication. Also, the government failed to bring absolute peace to China. Soon after the Xinhai Revolution, different policies and restrictions limited China’s improvement. Chaos and movements occurred.

Until now, China still has different flaws.It is believe that its imperfections were shaped after the Xinhai Revolution, because the government’s actions and decisions failed to live up their claims as the foundation was not built strongly. Therefore, different problems arose. In conclusion, the Xinhai Revolution was still one of the most successful revolutions in China, even though it had flaws. It is still a long road to the complete transformation of China, as the goals have not been all achieved yet.

However, I believe that day when our revolution succeeds will definitely arrive.

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