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TheAn overview of robotic Arm Control through hybrid Brain Machine.mobility of moderate by movement imagination (MI) wasselected as the EEG attribute for joint control, by thesupposition of movement of left and right hand, user sharplydominance the movement of the active robot joints. Useralways on perceives the robot arm in the dominanceprogress; modify the selected joint and dominanceinconsistence, giving full play the ability of movementdesigning and acquire to changing the situation.

There aretwo analysis was sketch out to estimate our approach, likeOff-line and On-line. In the On-line control analysis,mandate the user to control the robot arms to pass bottlefrom place to another place. There are three subjects whichare participated in our demonstration. They all attainedabove the 95% rate in the off-line demonstration and whichcan complete the online charge. At the end, a hybrid BMIfrom system with AR feedback is propound in this paper.The unfamiliarity of our study is the amalgamation of hybridBMI with AR feedback for closed dash loop dominance inobjects avaricious procedure.

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In our structure the positionand the size of the victim in the lectern are acquired usingimage processing proficiency. A desktop eye trackingmachine is used to select users in the field of view andcommand to initiate the performance. Reaching and ransomcharge fulfilled by the robotic arm cordially. For theavaricious charge controlled by the object, AR interface iscast/off to enhance the normal visual information throughoutthe time the manual control avaricious procedure to yield theuser elevated and instinctive feedback information regardingthe crevice of the gripper and replicate the grasping force inconnection phrase for closed-loop control in utter time. Theperformances of the proposed system are compared by bothin open-loop and close-loop. The results unveil BMI objectcan convenience from the information provided by ARinterface in the avaricious charge and the elevated visualfeedback has shown its capability to betterment theperformance of BMI form system adequately.

METHODS? Overall System IllustrationIn this paper, we propound a novel method to curve robotarm with EGG and EMG signals. EGG signal accessiondevice is predominantly responsible for accumulate humanbrainsensor/motor pace to seize the movement resolve to controlthe robot arm joint movement. Five candidates are includedin our experiments to perform the task from the campus.They all are strong and right-handed.

They all are seated infront of computer easefully. The range of the user from theLCD is 90 cm. EMG signals of legs were obtained for jointselection. Throughout the user actuate the arm joint acrossthe leg action. This procedure is disposed on the graphicaluser interface (GUI). The GUI disposes the current activityjoint and the portraying connection/relationship betweencontrol command and joint movement direction. Usercontrols the joint while the movement imagination toregulate the EEG signals.

? GUI DEPICTIONA 14 inch LED monitor was plonk a safe position over therobot arm to dispose GUI. Currently activated joint aredisplay through the graphical user interface and themovement of the joint is controlled by the commandcorresponding. The achievement of BCI wills dominancethe movement of joint in both directions. The mechanicalclaws of the crawl action are controlled by the eyemovement of the EMG signal. The system control themovement of the joint through the mixture of EMG andEEG to actuates a specific joint. And to achieve multi modeljoints. The object is seated easefully in front of computerthrough eye tracker. The cursor is managed by the userthrough eye tracking in the live video to select the object.

User in the lectern are recognized through image processingtechniques . The size of the object in the lectern is calculatedthrough monocular camera depends on cross ratio method.The evaluated outcome from 200 trails which demonstrationthis procedure can be used to detect in the lectern the size ofobjects through an accuracy of 0.2 mm . Through calibrationboard the camera is calibrated.

AR interface is executedthrough opencv and opengl. Under Qt structure, theexecution of Graphical User Interface is fixing in C++. Thisdevice is contained of 14-channels like AF3, F7,F3, FC5,T7, P7, O1, 02, P8, T8, FC6, F4, F8 and AF4 for EEGdiscernment and two citations channels which are P3 andP4. Through the sampling rate of 128Hz, the data is sent tothe computer via Bluetooth. Initially, there are two types ofbrain such as relaxed and motor imagery which is edifythrough the software of development kit of Emotive. Thedevice snippetthe muscle electrical signals at 2000 Hz sampling rate.

There are four electrodes in every sensor which can explicitthe heart electric signal and found pure EMG of specialmuscles. Using 5-30Hz band-pass filter, EMG signal wasinitially filtered. In order, we can set two sensors on left andright leg. Muscles movement are conveyed by altering inEMG energy.

In two movement states we can accumulateEMG signals to design an off-line experimental model.Using two classes we can find optimal boundary usingBayes method. In any experiment 60 trial was organizedwith 30 trial for two control states two kinds of samples incalculated through probability model as stated to principalof Bayesian classifier, we select two probability models toobtained the minimum false detection rate.

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