Which one of these tasks is not performed by a technical director?
Coordinating communication between director and dramaturg

The most visible parts of promotion are reviews.

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The role of dramaturgs as educated observers is frequently their most valued contribution.

The Assistant Stage Manger (ASM) is the eyes, ears and legs of the Stage Manager during a performance.

Producers are a product of 20th Century Theatre.

Audiences are part of the team that puts a show together.


The prop master’s role during the production may include all of the following except:
Communicating with the SD

Which one of these tasks is not performed by a stage manager?
Sets design deadlines

A House Manager does not perform what task?
Calling the actors to their places

The person who designs the dance and movement in a production is called the ________.

Which one of these tasks is not performed by a dramaturg?
Writing musical compositions

A Stage Manger takes over the show from the director once the show has opened.

A Master Electrician performs what task?
Hanging, focusing, and wiring the lights

The producer only handles artistic matters and leaves business decisions to her designers.

Which of these tasks is NOT performed by an Artistic Director?
Acting in at least two productions

Music is an essential part of Western theatre.

The person who is the head of technical areas is called the
Technical Director

A Stage Manager takes over the show from the director once the show has opened.

is a popular classical theatre that was created in 17th Century Japan.


William Shakespeare is perhaps best remembered for the empathy he felt for all of his characters, good or evil.

Which of the following is not one of the numerous innovations in play structure attributed to William Shakespeare?
He perfected blank verse

In commedia dell’arte, the servants are called:

This 4th Century BCE Greek philosopher is the first known Western theatre critic and author of The Poetics.

Sophocles is our Master of Old Comedy.


Elizabethan Theatre was the first theatre to utilize female actors.

William Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest writer of Elizabethan Theatre.

In commedia dell’arte, comic bits of physical or verbal virtuosity are called:

In commedia dell’arte, the young lovers are called:

An ancient and continuing West African culture/nation, particularly hard hit by the ravages of the Western slave trade, is called:

The book outlining ethical behavior that forms the spiritual/philosophy foundation of the Hindu religion is called:

________ is a popular puppet theatre that was developed in 17th Century Japan and is still present today.

Early Chinese theatre (Zaju) shared many characteristics of the Sanskrit drama in a blended form including all of the following except :

Old Comedy refers to Greek comic plays written in the classical period that directly or indirectly comments on the social, political and/or cultural issues of the times through satire and farce.

This is one of the two great epic poems of Indian Tradition

William Shakespeare invented hundreds of phrases commonly used today including all of the following except:
“a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”

is an elitist classical dance drama that was created in 14th Century Japan that relies heavily on tradition.

This book is a guide to all elements of Sanskrit dance and drama
Natya Shastra

Jacobean Plays are named for which monarch?
James Stuart

This is a refined, elitist form of xiqu or Chinese opera, beginning in 1644 and still performed today.

Melodrama is still seen in such films as Star Wars.


African Diaspora originates from:
Commerce in the New World

Which one of the following statements is NOT true of the important influences that made Moliere’s work unique?
Moliere was able to create bilingual theatre

This is a popular form of Indian classical drama, meaning literally “story play,” it is an intensive all night outdoor theatre event designated to evoke mystery and fear.

Which of these statements is NOT true about Melodrama?
The line between class distinctions was often blurred.

During the Neoclassicism movement comedy always had to be in prose and tragedy always had to be in verse.

Restoration stages were quite large and grandiose.


The American Minstrel Show was performed with black actors putting on black face.

This is another name for the Beijing Opera, the most popular form of Chinese Theatre in the world today.

Diaspora is defined as…


The term “English Restoration” refers to which of the following?
The restoration of King Charles II to the throne of England

Moliere, the Restoration playwrights and the Georgian playwrights all wrote variations on a style called:
Comedy of Manners

A breeches role is:
A female character who must disguise themselves in men’s clothing

Neoclassicism is best defined as:
A renewed excitement in the artistic and literary philosophers of Ancient Greece and Rome

Melodrama was aimed to soothe the upper classes.

Nell Gwynn was the first female professional playwright.

This playwright is called The Father of Modern Realism, and wrote A Doll’s House.
Henrik Ibsen

Naturalism is often called “slice of life” theatre.

This 19th Century revolutionary was a developer of theories of psychoanalysis and the unconscious mind whose theories heavily influenced the development of realism in the theatre.
Sigmund Freud

This 19th Century revolutionary was a political theorist whose The Communist Manifesto influenced the development of realism in the theatre.
Karl Marx

This author of early realism worked with Konstantin Stanislavski at the Moscow Art Theatre, and wrote The Three Sisters.

Anton Chekov

Romanticism was influential in bringing historical accuracy to which design area?

This American master of realism focused on the common man’s place in a world dominated by commerce and industry and wrote such plays as All My Sons and Death of a Salesman
Arther Miller

This 19th Century revolutionary was a philosopher whose founding of modern sociology heavily influenced the development of realism in the theatre.
Auguste Comte

This American master of realism was a political activist who explored the depths of psychological weakness while keeping sympathy for the characters and wrote The Children’s Hour.
Lillian Hellman

This playwright was an early master of naturalism but later rejected it as inadequate. He wrote Miss Julie.

August Strindberg

This 19th Century revolutionary was a Naturalist whose Origin of Species and the theory of evolution heavily influenced the development of realism in the theatre.
Charles Darwin

This playwright of naturalism is considered by many to have written the first naturalism play, Therese Raquin.
Emile Zola

This playwright of the realist movement wrote such political works as Arms and The Man.
George Bernard Shaw

This American master of realism focused on the American south and wrote such plays as A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Tennessee Williams

Romanticism provided the segue between full-blown melodrama and magic realism.

A jukebox musical is a musical that has original compositions that are written to sound like music from a previous era.


Epic theatre often utilizes simple scenery and imagery in the staging of their shows.

This landmark musical, based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, put dance at the very center of the theatrical event. It was choreographed by Jerome Robbins.

West side Story

Stylization is defined as:
The process of taking a play beyond reality through distortion, exaggeration or some other stretch of convention.

The playwright most closely associated with the Epic Theatre movement is August Strindberg.

is a theatre style the represents realism in its most radical form and shows that nature and the social environment control human behavior.

The role of the critics’ darling and most respected living composer/lyricist of American Musical Theatre goes toL
Stephen Sondheim

Book musicals tell the story largely through the dialogue or book, and the emotional explorations of the characters come through the music and lyrics or score.

This landmark musical was the first to tackle the issue of committing to one partner for life with all the problems involved in the commitment. It was written by Stephen Sondheim.


Avenue Q, which is an adult Sesame Street, is an example of a postmodern musical.

The dance called the Charleston was first introduced in an African American musical called Sophisticated Ladies.

In symbolism plot and action are far more important than mood and atmosphere.

This landmark musical, considered by many to be the first and most successful example of the concept musical, deals with a Broadway producer casting a new musical.
A Chorus Line

________ is a theatre style that portrays human existence as meaningless and language as an insufficient way of communication. It was made popular after World War II in France by major authors including Samuel Beckett and Eugene Ionesco.

It is believed that this musical was the first musical:
The Black Crook

The musical, a combination of ballet, opera, and vaudeville, is often credited with being created in the United States.

is a theatre style that attempts to expose life through the lens of the author of the protagonist as he experiences it, frequently through dream and nightmare imagery.

It is especially anti-industrial, antimilitary, and antiurban.


is a theatre style, also known as Epic theatre, which attempts to lead the audience into an intellectual rather than emotional response.

The British phenomenon Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals include all EXCEPT:
A Little Night Music

This landmark musical, based on Pygmalion, proved that the song could be as brillant intellectually as it had been emotionally.

It was written by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Lowe.

My Fair Lady

This African American playwright completed a cycle of ten plays, depicting the African American experience over each decade of the past century:
August Wilson

In the early half of the 20th century, this songwriting team included the only writers to focus on issues confronting Asians.
Rodgers and Hammerstein

The National Theatre in London is producing Shakespeare’s plays “as was,” using all male actors to recreate the atmosphere of his day as closely as possible.

The Laramie Project, which took testimony regarding the killing of Matthew Shepard and created a theatrical play out of it, is ascribed to this genre:
Devised Work

The AIDS crisis in the 1980s led to a decrease in the number of gay plays.

A nonprofit theatre must only use box office profits to support a theatre.

The difference between Woman’s Theatre and Feminist Theatre is that Feminist Theatre has a clear social/political agenda.


Lisa Mayo, Gloria Miguel, and Muriel Miguel formed a Native American theatrical company called:
Spiderwoman Theater

Playwright Luis Valdez, author of Zoot Suit, founded a prominent Hispanic theatrical company called:
El Teatro Compansino

One can learn rehearsal techniques like line memorization, and script organization, as well as theatre trivia from an app for one’s smart phone.

The playwright most associated with Theatre for Justice is Lillian Hellman.

Regional Theatre comprises all the professional theatre companies within New York City.

What is the Harlem Renaissance?
A period in the 1920s and 1930s in which African Americans expressed themselves through a collective arts and music movement.

Performance art is likely to experiment with multimedia and projections.


It is thought that the first known woman dramatist was:

This director/choreographer, creator of Contact, is credited for creating the dance play.
Susan Stroman

Which of these is NOT a ground rule for improvisation?
Always say no

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is an innovator in updating classic plays. Their work includes all of the following EXCEPT:
Two Gentlemen of Veronat

This playwright, author of The Boys in the Band, is credited for first portraying homosexual characters with empathy.

Mart Crowley

In writing a review, never back up a negative statement with fact as it is too hurtful to the artists.

The Power of Libel allows for a critic to make any comment in regards to a work of art and not be sued for not providing any support of that comment.

The word “critic” is interchangeable with the word “reviewer.


In writing a review, never quote great lines so the audience will be surprised when they see the performance.

Which of these is not an example of the Critical Three?
Critics should be artists

In writing a review, try to predict an audience’s experience.

True or False: Some plays and films have no aspirations beyond a good diverting time. This is always a mistake.

Which of these is not a question good critics should always ask?
Was I the only one who felt this reaction

The final powerful player in a production is the critic.

The following statements about personal criticism are all true except:
It is ost successful when delivered in public

A reviewer is defined as…
A person who needs to pound out an immediate response with no reflection.

Which of these is not a question good critics should consider?

If a less than prestigious periodical gives a work of art a positive review, publicists will not run that review.

When writing a review, it is important to do all of the following except:
Include the entire plot of the play

The smartest actors do what with their worst reviews?
Clip them out and keep them as a humble reminder

A critic is defined as…
One who evaluates a work of art, often in print.

In writing a review, always distinguish between the script and the performer.

A critic functions as a relatively isolated outsider to the theatrical community.

Which of these elements is not one of the five design ingredients?

A proscenium stage has audience members surrounding it on three sides.

Representative pieces of material used to communicate the costume designer’s plan to the rest of the production team is/are called

A(n) ________ is a set design commonly used in realistic plays where the interior of a room has three sides represented by flats and the fourth wall is removed.
Box Set

A flat is a frame made of wood usually covered by fabric to create a set, particularly a wall.

is the theatrical performance area that is usually circular and completely surrounded by the audience.

The Prop Master’s skills require all of the following except:
Buliding models of sets

Lighting designers base all their work solely on costume and set sketches.

All of the following statements are true of projections except:
They cost more to produce than 3-dimensional scenery.

Designers often bring in completed costumes to the beginning meetings with directors.

Lighting design involves determining the following qualities, EXCEPT:

is the most popular theatrical space for contemporary productions.

Sight lines are an audience’s visual boundary.

Ambient sound is background sounds that can run continuously throughout a scene.

The role of the scene designer existed from the early days of theatre.

All of these are examples of soft scenery except:

A sound designer is NOT responsible for
Dimmer Installation

The type of theatre in which the spectators are placed on three sides of the stage:

Designers often bring in completed costumes to the beginning meetings with directors.

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