Theology of Children

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Last updated: October 27, 2019

Theology of Children Name: Course: Date: Theology of children I enjoyed the argument that is presented by this response, as it evokes many thoughts about the topic and it is informative as well.

The argument addresses the question directly and identifies the social and theological trends found in the session’s readings. In my opinion, the response has identified the main issue found in all the readings, which is the incorporation of children into theology. Specifically, the response evokes many thoughts about child abuse, parenting and theology for children. I find it capable of informing the reader about the current issues and studies about children abuse and child theology. Further, I was able to understand what these studies and researches carried out for children issues imply for not only the children, but also the world as a whole. In my opinion, these studies can help the world through nurturing children to become a better generation that we already are.

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The response has enlightened me in various aspects. It has highlighted some of the issues that people take for granted such as nurturing of children and theology for children. Specifically, the six perspectives of strengthening theology for children were quite intriguing since they informed me of the areas within theology that are needed in order to nurture children in a Christian way.

I liked the final part where it took a personal reflective aspect. The reflection on growing up was quite interesting and flashed back memories of childhood, further helping to understand the social trend more. The response raises an issue that would be critical in the current age, where children are no longer brought up by community. Rather, each parent takes on the responsibility alone, a fact I believe should not be so.

Generally, the response has provided me with a lot of insight into the issues surrounding nurturing of children.

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