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Last updated: June 19, 2019

 There are different discussions thatglobalization is positive but also some people argue that it is not acceptable.Herewith I mentioned some reasons why globalization should be encouraged.  The trading freely will ensure to reduce somebarriers for countries like tariffs, Value added taxes and many other obstaclesand barriers between the nations.

But there are still barriers among thecountries. Globalization is encouraging the globe by creating jobs and makescompetition among the companies to work hard and finally this will leads to theeconomic growth of countries.  As well asconsumer price for goods will be reduced with the introduction of differentgoods and services. A competition will occur among countries and it will leadsto the prices down.

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But this is not happening because the countries try tomanipulate currency so that they get price advantage. Globalization is helping poorcountries in getting the foreign capital and technology by spreading the prosperity,creates a society with freedom and respect to democracy as well. This is a goalthat most of the developing countries are urging wishing for. Globalizationshould be go hand in hand with democracy as well. Globalization has allowed allthe companies and consumers around the world to access any product they like tohave. For Example we can have Macdonald Burgher in Sri Lanka whose mothercompany is not Sri Lanka. And also we can learn about different cultures thathave spread out all over the world. Cultural differences can be applied to thetechnology and the products as well.

Therefore innovations are also promotedfrom this.  It enables the government tosolve the ecological problems related to a country. As a development of thesocial interaction , now people has accept the others and have tolerate thembetter than earlier which considered people and nations as aliens. Civil disputeshas reduced into a considerable percentage and it makes world peace. People cantravel fast and there is a huge development in the mass communication. Even inSri Lanka also in any place any person can connect with another person inabroad.  People have maintained a trendto share their labor knowledge and therefore multinational companies havedevelopment and people in different nations work together. Informationtechnology has shown a vast development that sometimes people tend to steal thetechnology of other persons.

But they access to innovations as well. Sometransnational companies have started business in poor countries and there forit provide job opportunities for citizens. Globalization has provided thecountries enabling to free trade agreements like NAFTA, South Korea Korus. 4.

0 Shouldglobalization be discouraged? Also sometimes we see instances whereglobalization is a threat to people around the world. Let me point out how itis happening. Inequality- while the globalization has spread out around theworld the rich countries produce goods and services in order to achieve themarkets and then some poor nations are struggling with inequality that theycould not enjoy the benefits of globalization.

Unemployment – when there areless barriers to share knowledge people are going for developing countries oncethey get higher education and then some poor countries remain constant with unemploymentin the higher rank positions in their businesses. Countries have to face forinflammation because there can be rapid rise in the prices of goods andservices imported among many countries. European countries have dominated somemarkets in Asian countries. It can lead to increased likelihood of economic distractionsof single nation influencing every nation and hence unfitting the world leadingto chaos around the globe. Smaller domestic institutes may lack the resourcesto have competition with large international and multinational companies andtherefore maybe thrown out of business and make losses. Since globalizationinvolves traveling of people as well as goods from one country to another, itcan lead spread of some of the dangerous infectious diseases known to humans whichwill be spread out around the globe then. Apart from the above discouragementsof globalization there can be many more added as threats and it depends on theuse of it and on how it sees globalization as a benefit or as threats. A number of participants connected togetherto the development of the transactional business concepts to the globalizationas well.

Many of these changes are depicting the long-term hazards that havetraditionally fallen out from the reinstallation of foreign policy in engagementespecially   for Asian countries. Developing theinstitutional capacity – at both the domestic and international level is toaddress these concerns will be one of the large challenges for the region inthe next century. Rapid economic growth in Asia is noted because now they alsohave energy and the fuel. This leads to growing reliance on energy imports,increasing the recognition of sea routes and all other transportation routesall over the world.  There can bepolitical risks   of some areas the use ofenergy has also affect to the environmental destruction, which several parties havelinked to societal threat. It should be mentioned that the world is chasing formoney and losing the humane qualities.

Every animal is being use for human’spurpose. Most of the endemic species are not more in earth now.  The severeproblem of environmental destruction, together with the growing populations inthe area has increased some threat on food and water supplies. Coastal areasare full of garbage and they keep cleaned only if there is foreign attractionand then therefore must be cleaned. Although improvements in agriculturaltechnology appear likely to mitigate food security issues, water availabilitywas cited by several participants as a likely source of conflict in the future.People in some quantities does not have daily consumption of water while theother part of the world is enjoying, playing and wasting gallons of water.

The combinationof rapidly growing populations in much of the developing world, increasingly nationalborders, and disparities in economic growth rates, has marked a dramaticincrease in international migration. Some countries does not have their ownculture or nature because half of the population is migrants in thosecountries. Migration has already emerged as a source of tension in SoutheastAsia inclusion the Australian continent. An Asian countries implement troopsand naval powers to limit the arrival of international migrants which were abundantin crisis period. Globalization gave access to people to detect crimes, andreduce terrorism because it gave the convenience of transportation and communication.But we can see that many people around the globe misuse this and take theprofit out of this but some people said that this not the fault of theglobalization but the people in the 21st century is responsible on these. Asia’sfinancial crisis and the forces of globalization more broadly, may have a greateffect on the region’s economic stability.

The Asia Pacific EconomicCooperation (APEC) forum was unable to give answers to the questions offinancial crisis and then it has been lost the trust of people with all ofthese problems everybody said that this uncertainty is not good for future inthe Asia. We should talk about the threat that has come for Sri Lankan Domesticfoods and business. They have been collapsed because people are not buyinglocal products but foreign foods as well.

Sri Lanka is an Island rich ofresources to make livelihood more comfortable. But people are not eating thelocal faring crops. Either these are not being exported to mother country.Government attention and support has been reduced or taken away by some othercases. Only few are proud to consume local products.

Dairy products companiesin Sri Lanka import most of the powder milk packets to Sri Lanka and that discouragethe local milk farmers as well. These things happen to farmers in northernrural areas of Sri Lanka. Multinational corporations are now well developed inthe country and most of the educated people are working there and the linelevel workers are working for low salaries since it marked the exploitation ofhuman resource inside the country. Some people gets jobs but a portion of theyouth in country are with unemployment although they have qualification to dojobs and experience to do jobs. Young generation with knowledge do jobs that doesmatch for them. They do those jobs because they can make money so easily then.

Globalization has created a big gap between the rich and the poor. People spendmoney like more than they should while some part of the globe cannot survivebecause they even don’t have their daily consumption meals. They don’t havemoney to buy their needs. But some people have no idea what to do with theirmoney. This happens because globalization leads you to earn more and moreprofits than expected. All the natural resources has been destroyed now.Animals are dead. Earth is collapsing because people are thinking about onlythe near future.

Environmental pollution is seen everywhere. Numerous diseasedhas spreader all over the world while millions of people die from bad meal habits.Certain industries in the world are under threat because of the misuse ofnatural resources. Globe has gifted so much of natural resources to humans. Butwhat people does is that they use the globalized knowledge, advanced technologyand make use of all the resources without even thinking about the future of theplanet.

China and some Asian countries have acquired most of the power inalmost every sector now days. India also as an Asian country have climbed theladder of the giants and have become energy source to the world as well.Therefore what important is to rise and break these barriers. Globalization isgood up to a certain stage. But beyond that people should think about nature,should protect animals, people and respect each other. World should think aboutnew innovations again only after they could feed each and every human on earthevery day. People are starving and dying while some people walk thousand milesto digest their foods that they eat in days. Telephone has connected peoplearound the globe.

Without misusing this people should use it for a betterworld. The world needs to get healed now. In giant world countries very harmfultoxins smoke is emitted to the sky which spread long term distraction of theearth and the spread of diseases to people.There is a trend that super powers are losingtheir powers to china and china has become the world leader. And also suggestionssuch as higher education, higher scores and more college degrees are all meansto end. Instead work hard and earning concepts are now leading the world.

People should encourage each other themselves to people’s mind set beingadopted to new cultures. Anyone shouldn’t be kept alone in a street. Populationmust pay attention towards the people who destroys our nature. Laws and regulationsmust be implemented against the people who does wrong to the nature. Animalsshould be protected and given the rights. They should be used only for the bettermentof them or to the development of animal’s needs and wants.

Each and every oneshould be given attention and care. People should be more aware of this ishappening around the world and should reserve resources for future as well.So it is our duty to make sure that we understand this huge problem andwork together to protect the world and also to rise up as nations to protectour own traditions and cultures.                           5.0 Conclusion Globalization has brought not only advantagesto customers by providing a large range of imported products or by raisingtheir standard of living, but has also had harsh effects by destroying existingjobs, as well as by diminishing of local enterprises and culture in certaincountries and much more, too. In my opinion, governments should use innovationand research to successfully answer to industrial job losses and outsourcing ofcompanies, as well as maintaining a basic welfare system to help guiding peopletowards more qualified jobs. Furthermore, I would say that companies whooutsource should be made to pay an import duty or higher tax in order toprevent huge cut in wages of many people’s job. However, despite the identification of the risks and opportunities associatedwith globalization, the phenomenon is still very difficult to predict.

We cangladly make predictions about the future effects of globalization, but thisfar, we would unwise to count on them. Globalization has its benefits but alsoglobalization has affected the world negatively now days. The globe isdestructing daily because of the misuse of the resources. Therefore it isimportant that everyone pay attention to make it as a benefit and conserve theresources as well. 

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