There are many differences between Sunni and Shi’i Muslims

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Last updated: November 15, 2019

There are many differences between Sunni and Shi’i Muslims. Many more Sunni Muslims exist than Shi’i ones. 85% make up Sunni Muslims and the other 15% are Shi’i. Although Shi’i Muslims are the minority this makes no difference to them and they stand up to what they believe in. Shi’i Muslims mainly are found in Iran and Sunnis claim they follow the right path of Islam.

Sunnis follow the way of the prophet whereas the Shi’is follow the Shiat.The main difference between the two types of Muslim are that Shi’s say that Muhammad’s cousin who is called Ali should have been the next leader after Muhammad because he was a blood relative and it should be passed down the line of the family. They do not accept Abu Bakr, Umar or Uthman. But Sunnis accept all of the four Caliphs. These types of Muslims are the minority which believe this.

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The larger side of Muslims believe differently. Sunnis say that any honourable, respectable and good living Muslim is able enough to be a leader or successor to Muhammad.They believe that it does not have to be a blood relative. Shi’i Muslims have there own collection of the Hadith which have been passed on through the Imams which they are called known as Caliphs by Sunnis. But Sunnis accept ‘the accurate six’ books of the Hadith.

The Qu’ran is interpreted literally by them but Shi’is have leaders to interpret the Qu’ran for them. Sunnis also believe that there caliphs held mainly political power and Muhammad’s role in revealing Allahs laws and guiding other people to Allah ended with him. Shi’is accept Ali’s sons Hasan and Husayn as the second and third Imam.All their Imams died as Martyrs and have always been persecuted they believe. There are many differences between these two types of Muslims.

Although in the end they all believe in the one God, Allah they will lead different lives before they get to the day of judgement. There would be many difficulties if a Muslim was trying to practice his or her religion in non-Muslim country. One of the main issues for Muslim families is that children are going to school with other people not in their faith and be taught the wrong way with the wrong people and by the wrong sex.Although they are supposed to be taught unlike this they have no rights to come to a non-Muslim country like England and change our rules, regulations or laws.

If a Muslim needs to pray and he or she is in the wrong place they may find it impossible to do so therefore making life difficult for them. Whereas if they were in there own country nearly everyone would be in your faith and everyone would be praying and they would not be out of place. Muslims may feel uncomfortable at times when they need to cover up but others may look at them and take judgement since they do not understand how there faith works.If a Muslim was in his or her own country this would not be a problem because everyone is in your faith or understands the faith because it is the faith of that particular country. School or work hours may not suit a Muslim in a non-Muslim country simply for prayer times or a more complicated time of Ramadan where time is allowed of in there own country because they may feel weak without food.

A non-Muslim country like England will not change its regime for the minority of Muslims which live in this country because there is no need to for us.Muslims will find difficult in a non-Muslim country in my opinion because of the surrounding and the people around them who are not part of the faith, understand or have any knowledge of what they do and why they do certain tasks in life. There are two sides to the argument that religious people should not get involved in politics. They should get in involved with politics because religion plays a large part in society today and by being part of the society they can help influence decisions made.

Everyone has got a right to speak there mind and give there opinion and we as voters should not be prejudiced in making a unjustified decision. Religion also would push the politician to do things extra for there own country or world. A religious person like a Vicar is in touch with people and their views regularly so he can help others from listening to them. A person in religion has a different viewpoint to express to others and want it to be treated in a serious way.On the other hand there any many points which can back up that religious people should stay away from politics and not get involved.

People in religion will believe there faith is right and push there faith at other people which is wrong. It could cause violence and people could be prejudiced towards them. The public may not listen to their ideas or thoughts because they simply don’t because of there beliefs. They may want to change or countries faith to a different one and this could involve racism.

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