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Last updated: August 16, 2019

There are a few promotional strategies that I would suggest the day spa implement over the next few months to improve business. They would all be catered to and be based on different demographics to attain the most recognition.Firstly, I suggest that the day spa should create an online presence.This is valuable to the company as many consumers tend to start online when they are looking for a place to treat themselves to, such as our day spa.Building an online presence would ensure that the day spa would show up on search engines when consumers search online.This can be done by creating a website, where all our details would be listed; things like our contact information, location, list of services and treatments provided.This especially caters to the younger demographics as most of them are tech-savvy.The second suggestion would be to come up w special promotions and display them at as many places as possible.When a customer walks down a busy street with shops to their side, they tend to look out for eye-catching promotions that would interest them.Displaying our special promotions on the outside of the day spa would most definitely help improve business.But to do that, we would have to come up with special promotions first.I would suggest creating a membership policy, where customers can get either a free gift or a discounted price for their first two treatments.This way, not only would we be pulling in customers, but we would also be ensuring that the customers would be apart of a membership programme which would help draw them back to the spa many more times in the future.We could also advertise these promotions on the news or get a magazine to feature us in one of their articles.This would especially be attractive to millennials who are adventurous.Last but not least, I would highly recommend getting referrals.A referral incentive programme could help keep the customers happy and would also help build the day spa business.Instead of just offering a discount, we could offer a free service that our customers would not use that often.This way, they will not only get a reward, but we can also familiarise them with some of our other services and treatments.having business referrals with business partners such as a dermatologist could be vital in promoting the spa.

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