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There are a few limitations to this study andthe first one is the sample size. This study did not include children that arespecial needs and was only tested in the Bronx area of the U.S. It includedchildren from a specific age and grade, while more results could have beenexpected with a variety of different ages amongst children. Domestic violenceaffects a lot of children, not only 10-13 year olds. Future research that canbe done to further the findings in this study could be a target population andlongitudinal study with children from ages 5-18 and another specific locationother than the Bronx.

Another limitation was the small-time frame to observethe children who have been affected by DV. There should be more focus onchildren’s behaviors to fully understand how much of an impact DV has on thembecause some children more than others from different ages go throughpsychological, behavioral, emotional, and physical issues. Being able toobserve them for a longer period of time can help explain what exact issues thechild have and how to help them cope and prevent them from having a challengingfuture when they get older, such as juvenile delinquency and substance abuse.

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Some children witness DV so much that they often times become accustomed to itand it important for us to understand the different kinds of domestic violencea child may be going through or witnessing. Being that this is a vulnerablepopulation, it is imperative to make sure the children feel safe andcomfortable with the study. Not all of the time will you get the response thatyou want when you’re talking to a child about such a sensitive topic. Theethical thing to do is make sure your participants are comfortable and fullyaware of the study they are taking part in. Having them feel safe and trustyour judgement about the study and data that you’re collecting will help themnot be as suspicious or skeptical about completing them.

For confidentiality,it is best if I provide them with a description of any risks and benefits, andoffer to answer any inquiries, and a fair explanation of the study to befollowed and their purposes.

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